"Kill me?" Raina repeated. "Great. Do it later."

"I'm afraid I can't do that." He said, and Normrak growled, flattening himself against his wife. Raina glared over at the man. "Oh, and Normrak, I don't think you can save your wife that way."

Raina pulled herself away from her husband, and stood up to face him. The man's eyes immediately looked her up and down.

"Nice." He said, and Raina glared at him again.

"I don't need him to save me." She said, crossing her arms on her chest slightly self consciously. "I can save myself."

"You might want to reconsider that soon," He told her. "Though it is quite a shame to kill someone with your body."

Normrak growled, pushing himself weakly to his feet. He stumbled, but regained his balance soon.

"Who do you think you are?" Raina growled.

"Oh, excuse me. It seems I have forgotten to introduce myself. I am Radium, and yes, I realize that I am named after an element. I am a professional assassin, second best, unfortunately. I will soon be the top once you die." He said, and bowed. "And you are Raina, of course."

"Of course." Raina agreed, her eyes narrowed.

"Now how would you like to die?" He asked, and stood up straight. He looked her in the eyes, and smiled.

"I wouldn't, thank you." Raina said stiffly.

"How about I make a deal?" He suggested. "It would look bad if he died for the matter is, I will be blamed for it after I kill you. I was not paid to kill him, only you, dear—"

"Don't," Raina hissed. "call me dear."

"Yes, I will keep that in mind." He said absentmindedly. "Since I was not paid to kill him, it wouldn't look very good on my record, killing people whom I am not assigned to. Now, I will save his life, if, and only if, you let me kill you willingly."

Raina glared at him. "My life for his?"

"Only if you agree. If not, then both your lives will be killed with a struggle." He told her, with a nod, looking pleased that she had grasped the concept so quickly.

"How would you save him?"

"Oh, that's simple." He said with a shrug. "I'll just give him the antidote." He pulled out a small bottle and a shot from his pocket as though he had been planning this all along.

Raina swiped at it, but Radium tugged it out of her reach quickly.

"Uh-uh," He said, smiling. "You get this if you agree to let me kill you."

"How am I supposed to take it if I'm dead?" She growled at him. He looked at her from over his glasses.

"You won't be giving it to him, will you?" He retorted sharply. "I'll give it to him just before I kill you."

"How will you be sure that I won't move at the last minute."

"Another simply answered question." He said. "By the time he gets the antidote, you'll have but a minute or two to live. You'll already be shot."

"I don't trust you."

"Good, you shouldn't." He told her carelessly. "I'm here to kill you."

"You aren't going to kill anyone," Raina heard Normrak growl behind the man. She immediately heard a gunshot, and winced as blood fell down Radium's back, and he fell forward. With that he was still.

"Is he…" Raina trailed off, looking up at her husband. Normrak smirked, putting the gun down at his side. She walked closer to him, and suddenly Radium grabbed her ankle, pulling her down. Before she could react, she was underneath him, and he straddled her waist. His gun was on her chest, right above her heart, and he had a hand holding her down by her neck.

"That rather did hurt." The man said, growling. "But I suppose I failed to mention that I was born quite uniquely. My organs were switched. If they were on my right side, they are on my left, and vice versa. Nice try, though. Oh, and by the way, if you dare to pull that trigger," Normrak had placed his gun on the man's back, over his own heart. The wound that was previously inflicted on Radium had healed already. "I will pull my own."

Normrak hesitated, and Raina grabbed Radium's wrist holding the gun. Radium shot her a sadistic smile, and he loaded the gun. Normrak did as well, and Radium tightened his finger on the trigger just slightly.

"Normrak…" She whimpered quietly. The man laughed.

"Calling your husband won't work, sweetie." He said. "The moment that he pulls the trigger, I will pull my own, and we will both die. It's very simple. The moment I pull my trigger, he will pull his, and we will still both die."

"So what are you going to do?" She hissed, her grip still tight on his wrist.

"That's the difficult part," He said. "It might prove to be slightly hard becoming number one when I'm dead, now, wouldn't it?"

"I suppose it would." Raina snapped, and tightened her grip on his wrist. When she did so, his grip tightened slightly on the trigger, enough to give a warning but not enough to set it off. "Don't even think about it." She growled.

"And what can you possibly do to stop me?" He responded, glaring at her. "I'm an assassin, sweetie, which means when I'm hired to kill, that's what I'll do. I killed my own mother, so don't expect any petty attachments to stop me as it does with that pathetic Caliember. I'm surprised he ever made it to number one."

"You aren't attached to me so we don't have to worry about that, do we?" Raina smirked, and glared back at him.

"Absolutely not," He agreed. Raina gave a slight wonder as to how fast this man was, and whether she could knock the gun from him before he shot her. She looked over his shoulder at her husband, who was glaring murderously at the back of the man's head. Raina was surprised that the man still had a head the was her husband was staring at it. She saw Normrak shake his head, raising his glare to her for a quick second. She stared at him surprised. He seemed to have trouble standing…

"I'll just wait until he dies before I shoot you." Radium said simply. Raina glared at him, and Normrak growled. Finally, Raina shut her eyes tightly and held her breath as she let go of his wrist, and moved to hit the gun from his hand.

She heard a gunshot, and winced as she felt something slice through her skin at her…stomach. It seemed that she had knocked the gun just enough to affect his aim. She felt her face scrunch up in pain as she heard another gunshot. It was Normrak's gun this time, and it had gone through the assassin's heart this time. Radium's blood fell onto Raina as his limp, lifeless body fell on top of her as well. She pushed him off of her, and Normrak bent down to Raina's side, wincing in pain from his own wound.

Raina felt his hands on her stomach, gentle and soft, but could not see them. Everything was falling black, and she fainted.

When Raina awoke, she found herself healed, cleaned, and clothed, laying on her bed, next to an unconscious Normrak.

She felt her eyes widen as she prayed for him to still be alive.

"Normrak!" She said urgently, noticing that his wound had yet to heal. "Normrak, please…wake up."

She didn't get a response from him at all. She felt her tears run down her face and onto his bloody chest.

"Normrak…don't be dead. Please, don't be dead…I can't live without you!" She sobbed, and put her ear near his lips, listening for any breath that he might have. He wasn't breathing.


She grabbed a wet rag that was sitting on the nightstand next to the bed, in a small bowl of blood red water, and squeezed the excess liquid from it. She wiped his chest free of the blood softly and gently, tears falling from her eyes as she did so. When his abdomen was clean, she pressed her ear to him, hoping, praying, to feel breath in his lungs.

She heard and felt nothing.

"Normrak. I told you not to die on me. Don't be so weak! I thought you were stronger than this!" She said to his unconscious body. When he didn't respond she cried more. "Get up, Normrak! Get up!"

There was still no response.

She got on top of him, remembering how much he seemed to hate laying at the bottom.

"Normrak, get up, damn it! I can't live if you're dead!"

She laid on him, holding him, and crying into the crook of his neck. She looked up at his face, through her tears, and noted his eyes closed gently, and his mouth slightly opened. She kissed his lips, and they were cold, lifeless.

"Don't be dead." She begged him. "Don't be dead. I love you too much for you to die! I love you, damn it! Didn't you hear me? I love you!"

She pressed her forehead to his own, and his entire body was cold, lifeless. She couldn't believe that he had died. She wouldn't believe that her husband had died. He was too stubborn.

"Do you think that you've finished your life? Well, guess what, you damn idiot, you haven't! I'm still here. Who's going to protect me now? What about when a slayer comes after me? What will I do? What about any enemy I might have? You're dead, and they won't have to worry about you attacking, so they'll come after me. Your death is going to cause problems, Normrak! So don't fucking die!"

There was still no response. His body laid there, cold, lifeless….dead. No, not dead, She corrected herself. Not dead…

"Normrak!" She hissed at him, and rolled off of him. "You're alive. Alive! Now get up! I'll kill myself if you're dead."

"Raina…" She heard a familiar voice behind her. She shook her husband, ignoring it.

"Get up! Normrak, get up!"

She felt hands grab her arms and drag her away from the body.

"Normrak!" She yelled, and sobbed.

"Raina…" She heard the voice behind her. She turned around and found herself looking at Cali, with Taile at his side, both of them looking at her sympathetically. Cali wrapped his arms around her in a hug, and she pulled away from him, turning back to her husband.

"Normrak, get up…I know you aren't dead…I know you aren't!" She sobbed, and felt Cali's hands on her arms pull her back once more. "Let go of me! I have to wake him up. I have to wake him…" She trailed off, crying. "He's only asleep…he can't be dead. He can't be…"

"Raina…" Cali said, and turned her around, hugging her closely again. "He's dead…I'm sorry."

"No!" She said. "He's not dead. He can't be dead. He's not fucking dead! He's not, did you hear me?"
"I'm sorry." Cali said again.

"He—he can't…be…" She sobbed onto his shoulder. "I love him too much for him to die….he can't be dead…."
"He loves you too." Cali said softly. "He gave his life for you."

"No…" She said, shaking her head on his shoulder. "No…He's not dead…I'll give my life for his…"

"It's too late, Raina." Taile said in a realistic tone. "He's dead."

Cali looked up and shot a quick glare at his boyfriend before rubbing Raina's back comfortingly. Taile looked at him confused, and Cali sighed before turning back to Raina.

"If I could fix it all, I would." He said, and Raina looked up at him. Cali smiled softly at her, and she remembered, immediately, that Kander had said the exact same thing. Caliember pulled a clean handkerchief from his pocket, and wiped her tears off her cheeks gently.

"He…" Raina trailed off, sniffling and feeling her tears continue to run down her cheeks. "He used his life to save me…"

"Yes," Cali said. "He loved you so much that he was ready to give his life to save your own. Even when he was weak, he cleaned and clothed you. He loved you more than anything, Raina."

"I—I loved him…but he repaid me by dying!" She sobbed.

"No, he repaid you by saving your life." Cali reassured her. "He loved you, Raina. Don't forget that."

"He—he never said that he loved me."

"Yes, he did." Cali argued lightly with her. He wiped the tears from her cheeks again. "Ya remember your wedding, right? Yah, he told ya that he loved ya then. You told me, remember?"


"No buts, little miss." Cali said, smiling at her sympathetically. "He showed you that he loved you many times, didn't he? How many times had he kissed you, and stopped when you asked him to?"

"I…" She trailed off, and Cali wiped her tears once more.

"How many times did he save you? Quite a lot, I must say. He put his life in danger so many times for you."

"It's my fault." She sobbed, setting her head on his shoulder again. "It's my fault. If it weren't for me, he'd still be here…"
"If it weren't for you," Cali told her softly. "he would still be killing the subjects. I'll have you know that two game subjects have made it through, and a third is on her way. If it weren't for you, he would have never fallen in love. If it weren't for you, he'd still be going on killing sprees simply because he was bored. If it weren't for you, he would have never fallen in love."

"But he would still be alive!"

"And he would still hate his life. He would still hate everybody, everything, and every life on this planet, and others for that matter,"

"He was fine before I came…then I came, and he had to die because of me!"

"No, Raina. If he was fine, why did he find it so amusing to watch others whither in pain? I'll tell you why," Cali said, brushing her hair back with his fingers in a platonic way. "because he was in so much pain himself. Then you came, and he stopped killing. Then you came, and he stopped causing others so much pain. Then you came, and made his life so much better."

"How would you know?" She argued, sobbing. "He didn't talk to anybody!"

"He talked to you. He hardly said anything that wasn't a death threat to anybody else, but he talked to you, Raina."

"He couldn't stand me. He couldn't even tell me why he was like the way he was!"

"He hadn't shared anything with anybody ever in his life. If you had never shared anything with anybody in your life, do you think it would be hard to talk to somebody about the way you feel?"

Raina looked at him.

"And how dare you say that he couldn't stand you!" Cali said, smiling at her. "He only talked to you! He only touched you! He only loved you."

"But he's…" Raina trailed off, sobbing again. "I couldn't save him! I was only shot in the stomach, and I fainted! He got shot at his heart, and he was conscious for over two hours!"

"He was the strongest there was." Cali assured her. "I wouldn't have expected any less of him."

"He can't be dead…" Raina sobbed, and turned around to see her husband one last time. Cali stopped her from throwing herself upon his body.

"No, Raina…" He said. "He's dead…there's nothing left you can do."

"But there has to be something! I'll die with him…I'll die with him! I can't live without him!"

"Don't even think about it." Cali said seriously. "Ending your life isn't the answer. Who's going to take care of the kid?"

Raina stopped. She had forgotten about Feral in the chaos.

"He'll find someone…" She trailed off, knowing that it was wrong.

"He's lost his parents, Raina. Do you really want him to lose you too? He loves you. You're like his mother to him," Cali said softly, letting go of her. Raina turned to face him, and he wiped her tears again. "You wouldn't want him to lose a loved one again, would you? He's so young…do you really want him to go through all of this pain before he even reaches his teenage years? Teenage years are rough. Do you want him to go through it alone?"

"I—He can…" Raina stopped, looking at the ground, wiping her own tears with her arm.

"Of course he can make it." Cali assured her. "Until he can't take being alone anymore, and gets driven to suicide because he had lost so many people. Until he falls under the grasp of depression, and decides that nothing is worth living for because there was never anyone there for him because they all died."

"But he's in a coma…" Raina trailed off weakly.

"He's going to get out of it soon."

"How do you know?" Raina argued pointlessly. "He might never get out of it…"

"No," Cali said firmly. "You'll see. He'll get out soon, very soon. If ya live, ya save his life. If ya die, ya kill him. Do ya really wanna die with that on your conscience?"

"But…" Raina trailed off uselessly. She had lost the argument, and both of them knew it very well. "Normrak…."

"He woulda wanted ya to live too, Raina. He gave his life so ya could live your own! He wouldn't have done that for just any old reason, ya know. He must have really loved ya to do such a thing. He was pretty emotionless when he was alive."

Raina glared at Cali, growling.

"He had emotions." She argued, her voice strong and slightly angry. "He had plenty of emotions, I'll have you know. He only hid them. Why? Because if you had his past, I doubt you would want to open up to anyone as well. If you had his past, never sharing anything with anyone, would you be able to share your emotions? I didn't think so. He was a perfectly good man." She hissed, and Taile grinned behind Cali. Cali shot her a half smile, and a mischievous glint fell into his eyes.

"A perfectly good man." Cali repeated, a playful argument in his voice. "Yah, that's why he kept trying to kill people, and ya."

"He didn't just go out and kill random people!" Raina growled at him, her eyes narrowed and angry. "He only killed the subjects as to get back at his father! You don't know his past, don't you dare start trying to judge him. His father had killed everyone that tried to get close to his son with the exception of romantic interests! I'll have you know that he was a perfectly good man! And I don't need to hear any words you have to say against that."

"How about when he fed, Raina?" Cali argued again, with a mischievous look in his eyes, and a playful tone. "He killed people then."

"I don't know any vampire that hasn't killed when they first fed. In fact, I'm sure that some are just as addicted to killing as you are to your nasty cigarettes." She said, and watched Cali's hand go to his pocket, where he obviously had cigarettes. "It's an addiction that isn't easily broken, I'm sure."

"I'm sure." Cali said, with a sarcastic, playful tone. Raina growled again.

"I don't want to hear what you have to say against him, so you can leave or shut up." She hissed. "He was a great guy, even if a little cold at first."

"A little?" Taile coughed behind them. Raina turned her fiery gaze on Taile, and walked over to him. Taile backed up immediately, into a wall before Raina cornered him.

"Yes," She said, anger in her tone. "A little. Do you happen to have a problem with my choice of words? If you do, I'll gladly give you a concussion as so you won't remember it."

"I'll pass." Taile said, raising his hands in surrender.

"I'm sure you will."

"Anger's easier to feel then pain, eh?" She heard Cali behind her. She turned around to find him grinning, his arms also up in surrender. "I'm glad I could help ya!"

She glared at him, looking back down at Normrak's body, and felt her heart jerk as tears flooded her eyes again.

"Normrak…" She said, and sat on the bed next to his body. She immediately felt an arm grab her and pull her back. She fought immediately. "No, let me go. Normrak!"

"Raina, please. You're acting like a young infant!" She heard Taile grumble behind her. "He's dead. Get over it!"

Raina turned at glared at him, as she noticed Cali do the same. Taile let go of her, and shrugged as he fell into the shadows.

"Raina," Caliember said softly, putting an arm out and stopping her from getting to Normrak's body. "Please, don't. It will only make you hurt more."

"How can it hurt more?" Raina said, finding herself sobbing. "My husband died, Feral's in a coma, unable to even move! And I'm left alone…for good this time."

"It might not give ya much comfort, but I'll be here for ya…" Cali said, looking her in the eyes. "So ya aren't alone for good…"

"It's not the same though…" Raina said quietly, looking at Normrak's unconscious body. "I loved him…"

"And he loved, and still loves, ya." Cali said. "He'll always be with ya in your heart."

"If I wanted to know that I would have gotten a greeting card." Raina grumbled through her tears. Cali smiled at her.

"It's true though." He said, and brought her to him, hugging her. She allowed herself to cry on his shoulder again.

"There has to be a way I can save him! If only I hadn't even been born, none of this would have ever happened, and he would still be alive—"

"And miserable. We've been through this already." Cali said firmly, letting her sob into his shoulder. Raina swallowed.

"But he'd be alive…"

"And he's be killing people as well."

"He'd be alive…" She said again, and pulled away from him. She looked down at Normrak's body, and took in a deep shaky breath. "He'd be alive…I really loved him, I really did. I would have given my life if he would live…I was ready to let that man kill me so he could heal Normrak…"

"He wouldn't have healed him." Cali said, standing directly beside her, Taile standing behind him with his arms wrapped around Cali's waist, and his head resting beside Cali's own. "I know Radium, alright. You don't become enemies with someone without getting to know them a little."

"What would he have done?"

"Given him just enough antidote to make him last in pain for a few more hours, so he could watch him suffer." Cali said solemnly.

"That's…awful." Raina said, tears falling silently from her eyes and to the floor as it dripped of her chin.

"Yes, that's him." Cali said.

"But what about…his assignment?"

"He wouldn't care. The one that assigned him is dead, so what would he care?" Taile answered for him. Raina looked down at Normrak's pale face.

"Normrak…" She trailed off. She bent down on the bed next to him. She saw Cali move towards her out of the corner of her eye, but saw Taile hold him back. She was suddenly grateful to Taile for that, as she pushed some hair from her husband's cold face. She ran a hand through his perfect hair, and sat down next to him.

Behind her, she could faintly hear Cali and Taile arguing in heated whispers, but all she could focus on was her husband.

"Normrak…you didn't deserve to die…" She trailed off. She let her fingers trace his jaw line, and swallowed. Her heart seemed like it was in her throat, and in pieces. "I still love you, you know." She informed his body, trying to swallow the lump in her throat. "I remember when I first saw you…I didn't love you then…I didn't even know you then."

"What do you want?" She snapped at him. Normrak held his arms up in surrender.

"I just wanted to ask if you would like to come with me, rather than being with him." He told her.

"You tried quite an approach…" She said softly. "It was so unlike you…The whole kidnapping me out of the shower," She chuckled at her memory.

She had nervously taken off her clothes. She had always hated taking her clothes off in any other room, or bathroom, than her own. She grabbed a towel immediately, and held it at her side while she began to turn the shower on.

But suddenly, an arm fell around her naked waist. She pulled away, disgusted and shocked, pulling the towel over her in less than a few seconds. She felt her face turn red, not only with embarrassment, but also with anger. How dare he! She glared at the man, who she recognized immediately from the night before. What had his name been? Normrak. He grabbed her again, smirking, his eyes sweeping her scantly clad body with appreciation.

"Get away you awful—" She was interrupted by their sudden takeoff.

"That was more like you…" She said quietly, ignoring the whispered bickering behind her. "I had been so angry at the whole thing…especially because you were so calm…"

"Get away from me you monster!" She yelled at Normrak. "GET AWAY!"

Normrak shoved her pile of clothing at her, and smirked at her.

"Take them unless you wish to remain with nothing but a towel." He said calmly.

"I was even angrier when you kill my brother. And my sister…I hated you right then. I hated you so much…"

"Ah, finally you're awake." She heard Normrak's sadistic voice. "I almost thought I had killed you."

"Since when did you care?" She answered, boldly. She could only feel hate towards the creature.

"But eventually, I got scared. You were always on my mind. I would never have let it show, but when your arm circled me, I always had to fight the urge to just lean back on you, and relax with you. I think you had felt some things about me too…you were always beating me up, trying to show that you felt nothing…Maybe you were just in denial."

"Then kill me now and get it over with before you get attached to me." She murmured back.

"My dear, I will never get attached to the likes of you." He mumbled in her ear. She let herself chuckle.

"Whatever you say, Normrak. We both know the truth." She muttered to him. She tried to push him off of her, but he simply grabbed both her hands with both of his again.

"Yes, we do." He answered.

"Yes, we did…" She said. "We both knew, at that moment, that we had felt something for each other. We probably weren't quite sure what it was…but we felt something at the moment. But when you kissed me…oh, Normrak, that was what had confused me the most. When you kissed me for that first time, and I felt so many unfamiliar thing…so many…"

Normrak looked back at her, and she was suddenly pressed to the wall again. She felt his lips cover hers, and kissed him back immediately, closing her eyes. His arms circled her and she melted into him.

Just as quickly as his lips had descended on her, they ascended and she opened her eyes, looking up at him. Before she could actually see him, his lips was on hers again. She pulled back from him and tried to look into his eyes, wondering if she would find an emotion, but he followed her, kissing her deeply again. She gave up trying to see him and shut her eyes, quickly kissing him back. He suddenly stepped away from her and disappeared.

"That's what really scared me…that kiss. I was trying to deny that I felt anything for you…and after that…it was pointless. I could pretend to myself that it was the first thing I felt for you, and I tried, but I only lied to myself. And under the water…just before you killed me, and you held me. You held me, you kissed me…"

Her fearful eyes met his calm, cold ones and he smirked at her. Her lungs were bursting once again, and she had no choice but to open her mouth and try to get some air. Only water greeted her, and she felt herself suffocating again. She couldn't breathe and soon became dizzy and nearly unconscious. She went limp and fell onto Normrak. She felt his lips at hers quickly and felt his grip leave her body.

"The last thing you did for me was kiss me…" She told his body softly. "I knew then…I knew…and when you saved my life…I knew…I denied it…but I knew…"

"And you're afraid to admit that you are scared of your own emotions!" She said, soon cut off by his hand squeezing her neck. She pulled at his wrist as she fought to breathe. His hand loosened once more.

"And when you left me…when you left me for so long, all I could think about was you. All I could ever think about was you. I knew, right then, even if I still denied it to myself. I knew, and I thought of you…Even my friends knew…while I denied it, they tried to convince me of it…"

"Just because your beloved Normrak has two earrings, no maybe three, doesn't mean that I have to get one!" He told her.

"He has three, one in his ear, eyebrow and just below his bottom lip, but this has nothing to do with Normrak. And he's not my beloved. I hate him." She said. "This is your night!"

He smirked. "Exactly!"

"And it has to go perfectly." She said, shooting him a glare. He grinned.

"It will. Just as your wedding with Normrak!" He said.

"Then when I went home that day…and you were there. And when you held me on the bed, I knew, and I knew I had to accept it. I knew and accepted that I loved you that night…The night when you asked me to marry you. Well, dealt with me…to say at the least. I knew that night…that you loved me too. The moment you kissed me that night, I knew that you loved me too…"

"The feeling is mutual, my dear." He said. She glared at him again. He smirked, and took a step towards her. "The reason is simple."

"Then what is it?" She hissed. He grabbed her and pressed their lips together roughly, forcing her to respond. She did, and their kiss became more gentle. She closed her eyes, and let him pull her against him. The kiss deepened and quickly became more desperate, and Raina forced herself back with a gasp.

"I would have accepted even if you didn't take my diary…" Raina said. "The diary was just a way of accepting…"

"Raina…" Cali said quietly behind her. Raina jumped. She had forgotten that they were there. "The body…it needs to be taken care of…"

"No." She said, and felt a tear slide down her cheek. She wiped it away, bowing her head down. Her hair covered the sides of her face. "Not now…please…"

"Raina, we really need to take care of it." She heard Taile say. "He's dead. Accept it and move on."

Raina laid down on the body, and rested her head in the crook of his neck. Immediately, she gasped.

"Raina?" Cali said, his voice quick and worried. She froze on Normrak's body, her eyes wide, and she shivered. "Raina?" Cali repeated, and reached out. She quickly slapped him away, but that was the only movement she had. Her eyes were still wide open, and her body stiffly frozen in place, on her husband.

"Normrak…" She whimpered, and threw herself on top of him, straddling his waist, and hands on either side of his neck. She smiled, and her breath grew ragged. "You big idiot…"

Taile looked at Raina to Normrak's unconscious body to Cali's eyes.

"Raina." Taile said as though talking to a child. "Get off his body…"

"Ah, Raina…" Cali said carefully, eyeing her with an eyebrow raised. "What is it?"

"Normrak!" She grinned, and bent over him, kissing his lips. He had always hated being under her and kissing, she had noticed that immediately when they had kissed. True to her thoughts, their positions were roughly switched. Normrak was now on top of her, straddling her thighs, and one of his hands behind her neck while the other buried itself in her hair.

Cali screeched, jumping at Taile the moment Normrak moved, and Taile wrapped his arms around his boyfriend protectively.

"Holy crap!" Cali screamed, burying his head in Taile's neck. Taile let his arms hold the other man close.

Swallowing, Raina felt his lips leave her, only parting from her with a centimeter at most. She looked into his eyes, amusement shining through him, and she couldn't help but to laugh in joy. Tears ran down her face, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him back down, kissing him again.

"How…What the hell?" Cali said, looking over at Raina and Normrak. Taile watched the two as well, shock written clearly on both their faces.

Raina could feel Normrak's tongue part her lips, and moaned for him. She had never loved him more than she did right now. She felt as though she would burst with happiness. Her husband was alive. She didn't care why, though she had to admit that she was curious, she was only glad that he was alive and kissing her. She didn't even care that they had an audience watching them, she only cared about Normrak and his well being. He was alive!

"Normrak…" She moaned at him, feeling his lips fall down to her neck. She faintly felt that maybe she should stop him for a minute, but she easily pushed the feeling away. She was too happy at having Normrak alive and on her. She was never so happy to feel his body, warm and alive. His wound had even healed! She felt his fangs sink into her skin, and shut her eyes against the familiar massage on her mind. Never had she loved that massage more than now.

Cali stared at the two, and looked to Taile.

"Maybe we should leave them to it…" He said, smiling at his boyfriend, a slightly suggestive look in his eyes. Taile smiled back. It was the sight of such a miracle that made the two men appreciate the life of each other even more. Taile wrapped his arms back around Cali.

"Maybe we should…" He agreed, and bent down, kissing him. With that, the two disappeared.

Raina let one of her hands sink into his hair, holding his lips to her neck as he took her blood pleasantly. The many times before, she had restrained herself from making too many moves as he kissed her, but this time, she was too happy with him to restrain herself. She loved every movement he made, she let herself moan every time his tongue shot out of his mouth and onto her neck.

She knew that once the night was up, she would no longer be a virgin, and she had no protests whatsoever.

"Normrak…" She mumbled again. Normrak left her neck, smiling up at her. She felt him kiss her. The kiss was short this time. "Normrak, I love you…" She said, and kissed him.

Normrak stared at her for a minute, looking as though he were struggling with himself for a moment. She watched him carefully, finding his eyes guarded as usual. She pushed his hair back behind his ear, and he smirked.

"I," He said slowly. "love you, dear."

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