Friends Forever

Once upon a time
There were two little girls
The two were the best of friends
This union was worth far more than pearls

The girls spent a lifetime together
What one didn't like the other hated
Their biggest concern was the great white in the balls at McDonalds
Never suspecting they might be separated

Then the fateful day arrived
The sun shone and reflected off the girl's tears
How could she tell her other half she had to go
She had always needed the friend to face her fears

How could she survive in such a scary world
She took a deep breath and tried to look strong
But she couldn't bring herself to do it
She must have been dreaming for it was all wrong

She could leave her school friends
Say good-bye and never think twice
But not to her, her best-friend
That she knew was far to great a price

She left part of her heart there, taking some too
And that part she took helped her face her life
Although through the many years
She often wanted to go back and away from the strife

The girls were many miles apart, and then many more
They rarely saw each other, if ever
The girl that had moved got caught up in new friends and in school
She started thinking less and less about the friend, almost never

Then around Christmas she started to remember
But school outweighed it in her mind
Then is came, a letter from her friend
It was like a hit on the head, she had been so blind

They had had a bond that not many have shared
So the girl decided right then and there
She would never forget for a moment her friend
And she would try to show that she really did care