Shamara Ambrose's Final Words on "This Very Moment":

There you have it, folks, the end of this forbidden love story. This ending has probably left you either in tears or in anger or in a sense of hopelessness that love really doesn't conquer all. Each of these emotions, they were all part of a created effect I hoped this story would have on you, my truly wonderful and dedicated readers.

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm not sure who had the greater enjoyment though: you reading it, or me writing it. I think we'll just leave it at a draw.

I am truly, truly sorry that it had to end this way, but c'mon, what did you expect? From the very first paragraphs of the first chapter, I had already decided upon Alejandro and Serena's fates. I worked delicately to set you up for it and prepare you for the tragic conclusion.

Let's be realistic. Teacher-student relationships *are* a lot more common these days, although they are kept very secretive, and there is not a chance that the laws will be changed on it. On the contrary, it's understandable why the law was created for this particular type of situation, but we all want to hope, we all want to secretly wish that one of these days, the forbidden love story will end with "happily ever after."

Not this story, though. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is the way that it probably *will* end for most star-crossed lovers. I found myself quite tearful when I wrote Chapter Thirty-Eight: "Love Is Sacrifice." When Alejandro got all frustrated and went about kicking the desks, creating a hole in the wall, and ripping the poster, I almost started to cry. Indeed, I felt the tears sting my eyes. But I knew, that there was no other way this story could end.

This story has been quite an adventure and trying journey for me. I have discovered revelations of my own as I experienced Alejandro's and Serena's eternal love for each other. I hope this story has left a profound impact on you, as well.

When I first started writing it, it was just a story I wanted to tell. I wanted to tell this story about a teacher and a student who broke the laws to have the right to be in love with each other. There were lots of reasons why I couldn't begin this story right away when I wanted to. I wasn't sure how I was going to set up the timeframe. I wasn't sure how I could cover two years in one story. I didn't know what the teacher's and the student's name would be and that is a very important part of the story. But once I got past all of those obstacles, I created a story that has garnered over one hundred reviews and that is all because of you!

From the very bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you who have read and reviewed this story. And even if you only read and didn't review, I would still like to send out my thanks because anyone who reads this story, I would like them to be left with a final message: love is a war. Love is a change and a type of maturing. But no matter what, love will always be love and you should always fight for it.

Alejandro and Serena tried to fight for their love, but they both lost because Alejandro realized that their love may never be. But that is not always true.

As I close the pages to this story forever, I want to say that I will be forever in debt for all who have read and reviewed this story and have stuck with it through thick and thin. I am grateful for all of you who have read every single chapter and waited excruciating days before I would put up the next. Your devotion to the story is what allowed me to end it.

I would especially like to mention touched, BigRead-2006, Midnights Sorrow, Pandora, Prince, Aubrey J. Bean, Star76, Missy-Girl, Greener-with-the-Scenery, The Princess of the Desert, Solange Atira, M dy, Gold Enchantress, BluMascara, tesuka-chan, Mireille, wishinstar, and laurie-the-duck (the first person to review this story). Ah! There are so many other names that deserve mentioning, but I can't name all of you guys! As it is, this "final words" thing is already getting "wordy" (no pun intended). If you want to know all the ones I want to thank, read the reviews and check out their profiles if they're members and read some of their stuff!

You guys are all the best and I owe this entire story to you. I don't know how I can even *begin* to thank you. This just isn't enough.

I know that dedications usually are at the beginning of a story, but heck, I threw away tradition when I started writing this story!

I would like to dedicate this story to all my readers and to all of my reviewers. This story would have gone *no* where without you all. I would have probably finished it anyway, but it wouldn't have really mattered.

So to show my appreciation, well, maybe one day if you guys stick around to reading the rest of my lame stuff, you might get that happy ending. ;)

And lastly, I would like to dedicate this story to the true Alejandro . . . *my* Alejandro.