The Technical Problem

(Lights come up on a white corridor; two men and one woman are walking along it.
One of the men and the woman are dressed in white lab coats, and are carrying clipboards, the other man is wearing a black suit, carrying a black leather bound briefcase, as they are walking woman is saying)
WOMAN: It is the most advanced thing we've created, it's made of a compressed titanium alloy, it's fast, durable, very intelligent, strong. It can withstand a blast of up to three megatons. It's been made to look exactly humanoid, the skin bruises when hit, it can bleed, it can think, learn and process information. It can bend girders, crush rocks and even rub its stomach and pat its head at the same time. It doesn't need to sleep, eat or drink. You could drive a tank at it and it wouldn't cause a dent. It can speak twenty-three separate languages, translate sign language into English, Italian and Japanese. It could beat the world champion at chess while singing "Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener" and doing a tap dance at the same time. It could infiltrate an international spy ring, break it down and alert the authorities before they even knew what's happening.
(By this time they've reached a small window which opens into a darkened room, there is a man sitting in a chair in the middle, there is one spotlight coming down from above)
WOMAN: You want the soldier of tomorrow? That's it.
(Man with briefcase looks at it and says)
MAN: So what's the problem?
WOMAN: You're not going to believe this but...(she gives a nervous laugh)
(Camera cuts to a plug socket, a plug and lead. The plug lead is about an inch short of the socket. The man with the briefcase raises one eyebrow. The woman smiles weakly and laughs nervously again, then shrugs.)
(The man in the white coat shrugs and says)
MAN: It seemed like a good idea at the time.
(Man with the briefcase sighs and walks off, shaking his head.)