The creature was on the prowl for a mate. It was a rare enough event when one of their kind chose another, and the creature was looking for the perfect protégée'.

He set in a corner that was shadowed even by the clubs own standards, half lidded eyes scanning the crowd of milling Goths and wannabe's and tourists, eyes never resting on one person for too long. To them he appeared just another shadow in the customary black, when he went to the bar to order another tasteless drink, the improved lighting revealed a face just a little too long, dark eyes sparkling in reflected candle light, and a ropy muscular frame with a panthers grace, and the same sense of restrained motion. Most normal people could sense something offputting about him, but in this crowd that was taken just as good act

Settling back into his corner, his eyes were drawn to a group just entering the main area of the nightclub. Something in the air reached him, and he knew that his night had just gotten more interesting.

He sized them up instantly as a group of local college girls out to play tourist at the local "Goth. bar", who had managed to wrangle up a "native" guide. She was a pretty little dyed-redhead, with a Bettie Paige hair cut, and a couple of facial piercings'. The creature could sense something special about the group, but at first wasn't sure where it was coming from.

The others weren't particularly interesting to the eyes, except as a freak occurrence of sociology. Two of the girls were the typical meat market type blondes, with tube tops and low rider jeans. A brunette with glasses that looked like she was having her first night out from the library in a long time, giggling, and sloshing her drink as she moved through the crowd. The final member of the group must have been a friend of the "guide". She looked much more at home here, not dressed "Goth." more "Grunge" than anything else, with dark, curly hair, and an almost belligerent stance, daring anyone to approach her.

His ears literally grew points under his dark hair as he watched the girls move across his field of vision. He could feel an unborn soul in the group, waiting, and biding its time. Their kind were not "created" as such, more "released" from the grip of mortality. It was closer to a mask being removed than any true change.

He opened senses that no true mortal had ever known, and had to steel himself as the energy and life in the club poured into his mind. Yes. She was there. At first hard to spot individually, due to the girls having been friends long enough that their auras melded together to a definite degree, making her hard to pick out. He opened his eyes and locked onto his mate and soon to be heir.

The creature slid to his feet, and moved around the "L"shaped bar toward the pool tables. As he settled into another couch, a wonderful song came over the loudspeakers, earning a rueful grin from the fiend. INXS, perfect. If he had believed in omens, this would have been a good one.

As he watched the group he began to see the dynamic at work in their unlikely group,

The "cheerleaders" were the soldiers of the group, getting the group what they wanted, be it drinks, favors, etc. The Grunge girl seemed to "lead from the rear", using sarcasm, and subtle manipulation to get what she wanted. The mousey drunk girl was scared to the core, having allied with the others out of desperation. Their "Guide" seemed utterly vapid, existing only for the club life, seeing and being seen. He drew all this information from their minds, completely without their knowledge. The unborn creature in the groups midst twitched away from his mental touch, but the girl never felt it.

Like most of his kind the creature kept current on world developments, and had developed a fondness for movies and TV. He had decided on the girls "mental names" in an instant. The Grunge girl was "Darla", the mousey girl "Betty Flynn" , the Cheerleaders were "Romy and Michelle"and the guide was "Lydia".

He settled in to watch this unnatural pack work the crowd and decide how he would proceed.

After an hour of watching the girls drink, and take unsteady turns on the strobe lit dance floor, all except Darla that is, he decided his approach.

He stood gracefully, and began to advance on the girls table, moving at an oblique, so that his approach would not be noticed. Darla was there as usual, and he reached out with his not inconsiderable power.

It was nothing to one of his age and power to plant a thought in her mind to be looking in the other direction as his hand nonchalantly passed over the table. As it passed, one of his talons sliced into his palm, and dripped a few precious drops into a particular drink.

He slid away into the crowd, to find another perch to watch his target.

The girls continued to rotate around the table , along with various other club goers as the night wore on. The Creature watched as the blood he had "donated" was imbibed by his intended target, and it became a waiting game.

As the night wore on, he began to wonder if somehow he had misidentified the one to be released. Nothing in the vibration of the group seemed to change except the level of inebriation.

The lights in the club started to come on around three in the morning, it was time to move.

He slipped out of the club before the girls, and waited on top of a building to see if the chance he was expecting would occur on the way to the car.

After stalking the girls from building to building, to their car, he waited to watch them leave the parking lot. As they left, he shot back to his car, a high powered, highly modified but understated muscle car. He turned out into traffic, and began to slide through traffic to catch up with the SUV full of girls.

As the Explorer approached what he knew were the girls dorms, deep in the "college" part of town, he felt a twinge in the back on his mind. The awakening was coming, he could feel the bloodlust rise out of some petty argument. It had always been there, but now his awakened blood was drawing its essence to the surface. The change had begun.

The black SUV swerved twice, and ended nudged against the apartments embankment. He pulled over a short distance behind, and waited as the change was fulfilled.

He knew when the time was right, and stepped out of the car, his boots clicking on the pavement. He walked up to the darkened sport-ute and gently opened the door knowing full well what awaited him.

The stench of blood was first, and then the cabin light illuminated the full horror of what had just happened. Four corpses lay in the car, all with gruesome wounds resembling something a wild animal would create. One body was still being fed upon by the fledgling creature. She started up, and stared at him with horror and joy in her eyes. Her darkest dreams were coming true.

He just smiled and chuckled at his private joke. "Hello Betty, You're one of my kind."