Behind The Black : The Final Chapter

* This is the last chapter of Behind the Black. Thank you to all the people who reviewed and gave encouragment to keep me writing. The song is "Breathe You In" by Stabbing Westward in case you were wondering. Thank you again*

One Year Later...

"I'm still afraid to feel.. afraid to lose someone again"

Brittany Saunders sat at the coffee shop on Monday morning, the same way she always had during high-school. Life hadn't changed much after Damion's death. She was still considered "the goth", except now she was "the goth who's goth friend died". There was a new guy at school who had started hanging around her and Alex but she couldn't grow to like him. She couldn't let herself like him. Desperatly she wanted a friend to confide in, and he seemed perfect but she felt like she was betraying the memory of Damion.

"I wish that somehow, That I could leave my past behind, my fears behind, If I could only breathe you in every drop of you"

Evan walked into the shop and sat down next to her. She liked him, she had the moment she saw him. He wasn't Damion but he could still be her friend. "Ya wanna lift?", he said motioning to his Mustang waiting outside. She glanced at the car, debating.

"I guess its time to face the truth, and admit my past mistakes, come to terms with all thats wrong with me"

"Sure", she answered and set her coffee cup down. "Cya Betty!", she waved good-bye to the waitress who served them everyday. Suddenly, the world didn't seem so harsh, she didn't feel so alone, school didn't seem so bad. She had a friend. He wasn't Damion, no one could ever take his place but she was sure she could find a place in her heart for this new guy. "Thanks Evan", she commented as he slid Disturbed into the stereo.

"No Problemo", he retorted and they drove off.

"To taste your skin, to share your thoughts,would never be enough for me"