You never know when it is coming

Or how it will feel

It seems unreal till it comes to you

Sweeps you away forever more

It is never understood, never thought about twice

Unless of course you are me

I have thought a lot and wondered why

Why, since I cannot have the one I want

Why should I let myself suffer?

I have put this off for far too long

I do not know how much longer I will stay

I need it so bad

My heart so afraid

I cannot deny it, hide it, or do anything for it

The urge is sensational, so incontrollable

The sensation never filled, never felt

But yet wanted so bad

Every minute if every hour of every day

For ever and always

Locked away

In the bottom of my heart kept safe with a key

The one lock opened by my heart

The key you contain

But I am afraid to let you use

It is hopeless now, do you not see

So tell me why I should not end my misery