Beautiful Alone Based on the song from weiss kruez. A song fic.

To every life, there's always an end, but I close my eyes I still see your face; beautiful and I throw a rose as they now lower you down, But I still believe I'll see you again I wait for the day I can once more hold you tight until then, I cant cry this pain away, until then memories are all I have. She hid her face, fighting back her tears as she watched the long wooden box go down to its rest, buried under 6 ft. of heavy soil. He looked beautiful, full of life and health yet fate turned things around and he was welcomed to the seductive world of drugs and ecstasy. She threw the last rose down on his grave, a beautiful rose on its complete bloom "how could have you been the fool?" she asked through bitter tears "you may be gone as you promised me once and as I have to you, we shall meet again." her tears finally fell, like the rain on this hard day. How I long for one more kiss, just to hold you once again how I long to hear you say.'our love's eternal; never will I leave from by your side.' He is gone now, long before his time. Her face pale and grim "no more eyes have no more tears to cry" she looked at the baby grand, reminiscence the time when her angel was still alive. the keys were cold and smooth, her hands slowly glided through them. Nodding her head slowly as she heard voices, his voice. Calling out to her. "Your not longer here. no one to promise me.. you promised me you wont leave.I guess I was the fool, its time to move the day I see you again." I go on my way, I journey on, not will forever with the memory of our last kiss to keep me going, and though I am alone again, I shed not a tear, how beautiful is my loneliness, how great is my pain. Walking through the busy streets making her way, holding herself high and proud. I'm not alone, I will never be are only rain, as my eyes are forever dry. As the night skies arrive, the heartache begins, for in every dream the image of you lingers still, so I walk alone, sleepless, guided by the moon. I know ill give in to eternal sleep and when that day comes, ill never again let you go, ill resend I'm not about to cry, I'll pretend that these tears are only rain The night's twilight finally took its tale, tossing and turning sleep just wouldn't come, nightmares or dreams? Memories of her angel crept back, it has almost been a still he haunted her wounded heart. Again rain begins to pour, droplets cascaded down her window, as the water in her eyes fell like slow rain. Everyday she'd wake up worse than the day before, weaker and pale as powdered snow. He sleeps an eternal slumber, "when will I feel the labyrinth of your love again." The heartache burns, and only silence answered. As I lie awake at night, listening to this quiet rain as I bow my head in prayer, my wish is that this burning emptiness inside would heal. She couldn't take no more, the streets were damp and cold from the night's shower and daybreak is not far. Pushing the big heavy wooden doors to the scared realm of the one they call father, this is sanctuary, and down on her knee's she went, before the velvet carpet. Her head bowed low, her hair damp, wet and in disarray, clothes soaked from heaven's tears. She is forever surrounded by beauty. Her prayer has ended, life will go on. Now she turns and mutters the words of the song that sang on her death. "I close my eye, I turn around, and go on my way with the dream that somewhere out there, love, you wait for me too and though I am alone again I shed not a tear how beautiful is my loneliness how great is my pain." now they can be forever together, fate has taken pity. Death sand and angels cried, yet her own angel awaited her within the gates of eternity. There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy.