Last Ride

Trembling and shaking, why am I here? Why was I here? I'm sorry for what? what was I sorry for? Shooting pains in my shoulder, it hurts. What happened to me? and then I blacked out. Hot tears run down my pale skin, my left arm left in a cast. The pain still haunted me, it hurt's but it can never hurt as much as loosing your dark angel. She was cruel yet she was kind. Always full of laughter, and yet her words were full of pain. Her name was Thorn, reminds me of the old song my own brother used to play, for every rose has its thorn's. She was a new comer to city high, a freshman. She was a transfer student from across state. I really don't know how I got to know her really... I guess it's from the crap they put on the school paper, writers would submit their work to be published for everyone to see. Days gone by and I soon got to know her; she seemed edgy and uncertain at first. Drawing the line of the unwritten rules of senior vs. freshman. Her words captured me, how can a person with smiles be in such angst. I could never believe that it seemed like only yesterday, yesterday that I heard her laugh. Saw her smile... its like a play without sound. I certainly much admit, she hated me for my foolish acts of underage drinking. The fist time she found out she was pissed! (Chuckles slightly at himself) she explained to me that day... how she lost a brother that night, he was out with friends, he never drank, nor did he even try that night. They were all out driving, and then an accident, 3 lives were lost. I could feel her anger, her sorrow from the other end of the phone. Promising I shall never drink again...and so it ended there. How could I have been the fool! Why? I'm so stupid... Her brother was a rising star from their school, a top student as well; he was no older than I when he left this world. He was going to go to the military academy up state... but it seemed that fate had other plans for him... she once told me, that she planned to continue on, to go the academy and be the person he failed to be. Again I ask myself why... There was a party that weekend; I invited her along, hoping she could make new friends. But I guess I was wrong, I never should have made her come along... if only it was possible to turn back time. I didn't realize at all they slipped something in my drink, does bastards. How could I have called them friends? I didn't know what really happened, all I know is, all of the sudden we were all at his car, driving around, Thorn hadn't drank anything at all, she just sat there, holding my hand like a lost child...I guess I was that lost child. To make matters worse, it was raining, raining hard... Again it seemed just like that old song from pearl jam...Last kiss...except this was the last ride. When I first heard the song, a few weeks after I got out of the hospital, then I recalled everything, everything clearly. Like I saw it in some movie. It was hard to believe it was true. The song pretty much summed up all what happened... the tires hard against the wet road, the busting glass, yet...there was no painful scream to hear last. She saved me, shielded me from deaths blow, and now here I am, alive and well, with only a broken left hand, a badly bruised shoulder...but why...why did she save me? She had a promise, a silent promise to her brother. Only now, she can't keep that promise. After her funeral, she was buried next to her brother. I received a package from her family, a box filled with books, articles, notebooks and photos...and a letter from the academy addressed to Thorence Barrette, she finally made it; she kept her promise after all... Now its time for me to keep mine. We only have on life, don't is a fool and throw it away... "Learn from the mistakes of others- you can never live long enough to make them all yourself"~~ John Luther