what do you think of in the night?

when you are in the dark, do you dream of love?

Do you wish upon stars, that they will bring sweetness

into you life?

Do you think this is what the night is for,

for dreamers of love and light?

the night is not so kind as that

it is, instead, a place for those that cannot face the sun.

it is a place where dreams do not belong, nothing so

kind and pleasant as dreams.

it is a place where evil lurks,

where blood is no longer red and shed by heros but

black and pooled in secret places,

hidden, secreted, and coveted for the power it brings.

wishes stumble here and hope dies beneath tiny shivers of fear.

justice is not meted out in measured words but

in angry shouts and staccato cracks of bullets in the dark,

flesh pierced with sharp knives, and souls sundered by loathing.

This is the night, then, a place most avoid, though not all

the inhabitants misshapen not in flesh but in character,

strong and bitter, dead, but still walking and always

afraid of the light.