Thank You, John

Written by Liol

J- oining together, yet we've never met. We have such trust to do things like that. A trust that grew in as little as days. Though things never last forever, I'm sure that our trust will remain.

O- pening my heart, I've let you in and now my soul warms it it's whims. You've touched my cold places, warm ones too, but I've placed you somewhere in me that's especially for you. A place in my heart where I hold all my friends-the ones who where true to me and cared to no end.

H- olding my hand, you've let me feel your darkest hours. You trusted me with your feelings even though you hardly knew me. How I feel towards that not even words can explain, but I can say that my joy rang.

N- othing my friend, can make me regret or forget the blissful sensation that grows in my breast. Not even if you hurt me somehow or someway, I could never regret what we had in our past days.

John, I'm so happy to know you. Your so special and in so many ways, even if I can only see that through simple typed words. I just want you to know how grateful I am, and to thank you for everything. Thank you for being my partner, for being my friend, and for always being there when you didn't have to be. Thank you so very much, John.