Author's Note: Okay I understand its mostly white people on this website. I didn't write this to be mean or racists or to say all white people are like this. I wrote it to get this off my chest. I know people are going to be offended or write flames. I don't care. To hell with them because I'm just expressing myself and "letting the words flow" Easy - if you think you're going to be offended, don't read any further.

Certain Little Things




All these factors can lead to racism

I am not racist though

But there are certain little things

That bothers me about white people


They still give us those dirty looks when we go into their neighborhood


At the BET Scream Tour II., the first couple of rows can be filled with white people, but let the first couple of rows for a Backstreet Boys concert be filled with blacks and the KKK is ready to jump our asses

Certain little things...

You see plenty of times a black girl playing with a white Barbie but let that be the other way around - a white girl playing with a black Barbie..ha! Let's be real!

don't wanna see those black movies "Brown Sugar" or "Deliver Us from Eva," but in a minute we'll go see a Tom Hanks movie.

Blacks are the ones that are also stealing something, but its okay to steal our Hip Hop culture from us.

Music has no color, supposedly, but all I can say is that they can keep their O-town and Shakira.

FUBU designers have no problem with whites wearing "For Us By US" clothes, but Tommy claims his clothes "weren't meant for blacks."

Certain little things...

Like I said

I'm a not racist


I'm not saying its all white people


It's just that whites do the

Certain little things