Crouched beneath his dark ally, he fed, blood scurried down his neck, His victim he fed upon. His master left him for death.

Mother, why thee mother? Why have you left me? Mother refused to answer, his flesh torn from his paw, mother has shoved the flesh to his mouth, as she cried out... "You are hungry me son, hungry yes you are." She took her dagger, and slit my paw, the flesh of my skin she pealed off, as I cried in agony. "Eat, eat my world is cruel, eat." I ate hungry that I am, cradling my bleeding hand, my shirt, drenched in my blood.

Mother cradled me within her arms, I watched my other siblings feed on their supper; I look down before my hand, covered with a white cloth, drenched with crimson. How soft is her touch, how sweet was her smell, I laid within the labyrinth, drunk on her sweet scent.

Sleep, I sleep, escaping the tortures of what is life, Within my sleep, I shall dream.

I am my mothers pet.

My mother has abandoned me for death, for death ever she love me not? The doors have been closed and I'm left out here all alone, I see my reflection...that was that? Was that me? My hand I gently lift to my face, pale white I I am thee. My hand still covered in cloth, my skin I fed upon.

What is this face? Hard and smooth, and yet so pale. This is not my face. I have no face.

A mask.

I have been punished for I was wrong; I have been punished for I was innocent.

"You are the one that has always stared at me from the window are you not? do you want me?...do you want me to love you?..."

I looked up to be met with amber eyes, so beautiful is she now that I see her, drunk with fatigue I collapse into her arms, she cradled me as my mama soft and beautiful, I can sleep in the labyrinth of your love. Like everything else, in time you were gone, you left me again.

How can you leave me standing here? Alone in a world so cold. Mother grew tired of me and you; she came to take me back, mother o' mother, Deny thy mother, I refused to go back, release me from my cage, and release me from this bind, this mask. And show is my face?

She swung her dagger, anger filled within her eyes, I heard a scream. She's gone.

"take my it with you," her eyes grey and old, her body sick and dying.

I took mothers dagger, her skin so soft, blood oozed out, released from its binds of parted skin. Her heart I took, wrapped within my velvet cloth. Mother I go.

Laid down on her rest, her heart I held, it is is she dead?... No, she sleeps, the realm of eternal sleep welcomes here.

When will be my turn?...

These sad days we shared will turn into turn into sad days of ours. My dissolving heart will destroy me.

For you my gardenia, I play my song. For you mother, death awaits.