I'm RESTARTING QM from the very beginning. I'm not dropping it. I'm dropping my other project, Half-Life, instead, at least for now.

I've edited several chapters already, and will post them under the title Tomb of the Worlds (remember that!) on Fictionpress, but I won't take down The Quicksilver Medallion, because otherwise I'd lose my reviews and your feedback would have been wasted! So yeah…go read Tomb of the Worlds. Things have changed drastically.

Ummm…I'm anticipating to have the first chapters of Tomb up very soon…but I'm not sure when (finals are coming up, ack ack ack). So for updates, check out my Xanga page (see my author profile for address) or e-mail me at scubagirl_777 . If you'd like to help in-depth-ly in the editing process, feel free to contact me. That's all! Ciao belli!