Where are You?

The only sound is that of the

rain that seeps from

moistened earth to

dampen my knees and also the

rain that falls upon my

upturned face as I

kneel here before your most

sacred altar that is the

entire Earth.

The air is fragrant with your very

presence, a smell of

soil and water and the

green smell of growing things.

I have come here

alone to speak with

you, my

Mother, my mentor,

the Truth of all things


I come to you to

open my ears and my eyes, and most importantly,

my heart, to acknowledge your

wisdom and comforting ubiquity and to

hear whatever you have

to say.

So hear I am!

And I am listening

but the only

sound is the rain.



Have you deserted me?

How is it that,

even as you are everywhere,

I am here, feeling so