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"Home is where the heart is."

-Unknown (At least I can't think of s/he at the moment)

"Dravidian?" said Dravidar, his voice soft. "Come into the center of Dragon's Keep. Stop staring out at the sunset. You've been like that for a day now. Snap out of it."


Dravidar walked up and sat down on the ledge beside is son. "What are you thinking of that distracts you so much from living?"

"A few things, Father," said Dravidian, his ruby eyes emotionless and devoid of life.

"It's that felida, isn't it?" said Dravidar. "That gold one . . . Cytosine wasn't it?"

"Cytosine . . . yes that is her name."

"So that felida's put you into this stupor, eh?" said his father sadly. It tore his heart to see his only son like this. "Even after what happened to Dravician?"

"The past has come and gone father. I can do nothing to change that. I wish I had known Dravician. He's gone now, and it was never Cytosine's fault. She and I are on even ground now."

"Then forget about her. If you and her are even now, then there's no reason for you to be like this."

"I can't," said Dravidian, "no matter how hard I try."

"It surely can't be that hard to forget."

A hint of anger flashed in Dravidian's eyes before fading away again. "You never forgot about Dravician, or mother."

"That is totally different."

"It is not so different.

"It is. Iris and Dravician are no longer alive now. We are separated by death. So I can't see them, except in dreams and memories."

"It still is no different.

"Don't be like this, Dravidian!"

Dravidian sighed and stared back at the sunset. "I love her father."

"What?" Dravidar yelled.

"I told you, I love her," he said again, slightly chuckling at Dravidar's shocked face. "No, not that way. She's like the sister I never had. We're closer then friends now, I think. Although I doubt she'd admit it herself. Luna and Silver are like half-brothers I suppose."

"You miss her that much then?"

"Being separated from her, Luna, and Silver is almost like us being separated from Mother and Dravician in death. But this time they are still alive even if I cannot see them anymore. It's like she's dead. It's like they're all dead. Nothing to hang onto but dreams and memories that stay just far enough away that you can't reach them."

Dravidar sighed heavily and looked up at the sunset. "Then go."

Dravidar blinked. "What?"

"I said go. If you miss her – them that much then I shouldn't stop you. I can't do anything about Iris and Dravician for you. But, at least, I can allow you to go to them again."

Dravidian's ruby eyes brightened. "Really, Father?"

"I would not have said it if I did not mean it. I can see right now that you're not happy here anymore. Home is where the heart is, they say. And I can see your heart is somewhere else."

"Thank you, Father!" said Dravidian ecstatically. Dravidar smiled inwardly, Dravidian was acting like he was a youngster again.

"Before you go," said Dravidar, removing his necklace from about his neck, "take the Dragon's Tear with you."

"Why are you giving this to me?" said Dravidian, putting the necklace about his neck. "I don't understand, don't you need this? It's the key to the ancient room we were talking in."

"That is true. The Dragon's Tear is a key to many things, but do not worry about that. It has been passed down from father to son for many generations. Why should it stop now? I have deemed you old enough to wear it. It symbolizes your rank, and hopefully other dragons will not bother you. Besides, I have a feeling you'll need it."

"Thank you again, father," said Dravidian, spreading his wings, springing into the sky. "Maybe I'll be back again."

"Maybe you will," said Dravidar, "Now fly and may the wind be at you back and Sol be with you wherever you go."

"And may the sky and heaven bless you always," said Dravidian, out of custom, before darting off into the sky.

Dravidar watched his son fly away into the distance. "I lost my first son to the felida all those years ago and it looks like I just lost another."

Cytosine opened her eyes when the first rays of sunlight came above the mountains. She stood up, stretching herself and yawning. "Luna, Silver, Dra –" she stopped herself. To think it had only been three days since she had left Dravidian's home. It felt so different to find him not here. It would take some getting used to.

Luna rolled over, opening his eyes drowsily, looking around his forested surroundings. "Is it time to get going, Cytosine?" he asked, Silver now yawning beside him.

"Yeah, come on."

Luna stood up. "Do you think we'll stop by Artemis's on the way home?"

"We'll see," said Cytosine.

Luna's ears twitched. "Something's coming."

"Yeah," said Silver, hearing some rustling in the bushes. "Maybe it could be breakfast for us."

Luna had already starting slinking off into the bushes, his black tail above the bushes happily. Suddenly Luna's ears went flat and he pounced strait through the tall bushes.

There was a loud roar, followed by a thud. Luna's voice was soon heard. "Hiya!"

Cytosine ears twitched hearing a familiar roar. "It couldn't be . . ."

"Get off of me, you black furball," said a familiar voice. Luna came tumbling through the bushes a second later, landing on his back in front of Cytosine, smiling to himself.

A large black figure appeared from the shadows of the forest, rubbing his head. "I didn't think Luna could pounce that hard."

"Dravidian!" Cytosine cried happily.

"Is that really you, Dravidian?" said Silver incredulously.

"The one and only."

Cytosine smiled. "You come back . . . why?"

"I realized that I belonged somewhere else."

"But your father?" said Silver. "What about him?"

"He said I could go," said Dravidian. "So here I am."

"Glad your back," said Cytosine. "We missed you."

"And I you," said Dravidian.

"What's that pretty thing around your neck, Dravidian?" asked Luna. "It looks like the one your dad was wearing."

"It's called a Dragon's Tear. It's a very rare stone that you can't find easily anymore. Father gave it to be when I left."

"Oh," said Luna. There was a sudden silence.

"So . . . where are we heading to?"

"Well," said Cytosine. "We were thinking about stopping at Artemis's."

Dravidian went white. "We are not going there! I don't even want to see a single hair of the brat!"

"I dunno," said Silver. "We were thinking of bringing him along with us this time."

"What! I can't stand that . . . okay, breathe in . . . I'm totally calm."

Cytosine laughed. Things were going back to normal again.

Breathing . . . that was all that could be heard in a deep dark pit. The silence was so ominous and overwhelming it seemed unnatural. Inside the pit heaps of bones lay all around the floor of the pit.

~Get up! I haven't brought you this far you to die on me, not yet. There are things that you have yet to do. Get up! ~

The breathing sharpened as a form shakily rose from the ground, the creature could feel the power that resided of his blood healing up his nearly fatal wound. A scab was already forming over the long cut, although all the fur around it had fallen away. The creature knew it would not grow back, like it should.

"Master?" said the creature weakly, its ears pricking up to detect the voice it had always heard, for the Almighty Darkness had no body to call its own. The wolf-like creature bowed to the unseen figure. "I am at your command. It has been long since I have heard your voice."

~Save it! ~ said the voice inside his mind. ~The time has now come. You know what to do. Do not fail me! ~

"I won't, Master."

~Good. Your Servants should be awakening soon. I trust you can handle everything yourself for a time? ~

"Yes, Master. But what will you be doing?"

~Lets say I have a certain matter to take care of. And it will take some time even for me to accomplish that. ~

The wolf felt the dark presence leave the pit, though it could not be seen. There was a sudden rumbling, and some bones that were lying upright at the far side of the pit fell away, revealing a long tunnel. Three small figures emerged.

"Master!" said one, coming forward and bowing, followed by the other two. "We have awakened to do your bidding. We have slept for a long time, but a call has awakened us. What has happened here? I smell blood."

Another one of the black creatures recoiled. "Master! You have been wounded. Who has done this to you?"

"Yes," said another voice, this one feminine. "Tell us and we will avenge you."

"There is no need," said the wolf. "I will get my revenge in due time. But first, we have other work to do. The time has now come. You know what I require of you, don't you?"

All three figures bowed in acknowledgement. The time they had been waiting for had now come.

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