A/N: Yeah, fun. Here's the quiz. I'm just doing this for the very heck of it, but you DO NOT have to do this, it's voluntary. And please do not look back to find the answers to the questions, unless you do so BEFORE you start the quiz. I trust all of you that you won't look back. Anyway, there'll be some Stat Upgrade points you can get for correct answers for Spirit Guardians. For every point you earn, it's one stat upgrade point. In a few days, I'll post the answers and tell you how many Points you've earned, depending and how many answers you got right. And the answers will be provided then, too. So good luck. And I'm sorry if the questions aren't the best. Easy

(1 point for all four correct)

1. What is Luna's full name (Including his Element)

2. Where does this story take place?

3. What is Scout's full name?

4. What is the nickname the Scout gives Dravidian?

Medium (1 point for every 2 right)

1. What is Cytosine's full name? (First, last (yes, she does have a last name), and element.

2. Why does Sir Artemis Windfall II consider himself to be noble, and insist on Scout calling him sir?

3. What animal spoke to Sol telling him that Solana created her?

4. Name at least one of Luna's talents.


(1 point for every question right.)

1. Name all six felida elements and what phase of the moon has to be in to represent that. (Hint: "no moon", full moon, "claw moon", waxing crescent, First half of the half moon, second half.)

2. What is so special about the Dijernik chant? (Yes, you may look back on this one, it's in "Rescue".) And no, it's not that Cytosine is able to get her memory back.

3. Name all six felida that are represented by the elements, in the story that Silver tells.