Your heart is veiled with hate and rage,

Refusing to step out of its blood-coated cage.

Because of this,

You will not hear the whispers in the wind,

That sing out for your love and,

For your possession.

You turn a deaf ear to the doleful songs,

Sung exquisitely by the zephyrous murmur.

It called you to lift your veil for so long.

So allow youself to become enthralled,

By the whispers in the wind.


A/N: I'm having a great time writing these poems, they come naturally to me like writing stories. I hope you all liked this poem, it hits close to home with me and I've put some of my own feelings into it. Just so that it makes it more enjoyable. I have a rather angsty mind lol.

That poem was called for my fic on 'Veil' (check it our if your a DBZ fanatic). Hope you liked it. I know it wasn't long, but it was to the point and came from my heart.

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