This is one of my favorite poems, because it surrounds the moon which is one of my favorite celestial bodies. The third verse is my favorite and my best friend's favorite. I wrote it last year in February. I hope you like it.

"The Moon"

The moon is queer first at sight The way it glows with a silvery light The first feelings it gives are of romance Then it gives cryptic thoughts a chance

The moon never goes, it stays twenty four- seven Just floating there in the high vast heavens In the day it is barely shown But in the night, it makes its presence known

It is like a solemn lantern flame That puts even the stars to shame It guides and protects the lost of night Guides and protects from dark creatures bite

From here to there it seems to range With every move its shape will change From crescent slit that peaks out, as if it's clever To a black orb that seems to hide forever

And if one day the earth shall break All of us it will take Calling to us from the sky "Join me children, and never die."

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