I went upstairs I saw nothing but red

There was a girl bleeding on the bed

I felt her hands she was so cold

That's how I knew she was dead

I started to wonder if this was the fault of her alcoholic uncle Ted

What was I to do?

I was frozen stiff

" Couldn't move not even a bit

Should I hide her body?

Maybe in the lobby

I turned around and was frighten to see her brother Robby

"Who did this" he yelled

were you the one who did to my sister leaving her bleeding on the bed

No it wasn't me

He took up a knife and raise it to me

I close my eyes I heard a slash

I opened them Robby was on the floor bleeding

He looked so mash

I look up slash

I ducked but I saw a person in a mask

As for who was in that mask

Boy I was to scared to asked

when this was all done

I was on the run

Nobody found who killed that girl and left her DEAD