My Friends Are Going To Save The World


My friends are going to save the world -
They're going to make it perfect
A perfect world for perfect people
Free from crime and unemployment
From mental illness
Hereditary disability
And congenital disease
Safe from social degenerates
Yes, my friends are going to save the world.

They're creating an army to do it
Children in uniform
Shout slogans in the streets -
This new world belongs to the young
To the perfect
They'll cleanse the world with blood and fire
My friends are going to save the world

We're going to save the world, they say
You can come along too, they add
Be our sidekick
Do the heavy lifting
Fill in the paper work
That kind of thing.
You don't mind, do you?

And before I can answer
They've already started
And I to struggle to keep up
Without really knowing why

My friends are going to save the world
And I seem to have tagged along
I hate heavy lifting
I don't want to do the paper work
I'm not really a fan of blood and fire
And sometimes I'm not even sure
That the world needs saving

But it doesn't seem to matter what I think
My friends have decided to save the world
And there's not a thing I can do to stop them