I got home and already Dave had emailed me. Dude,
Where are you? You so bailed on me. I have to listen to the cackling drama crones alone? Not fair. You so better be yakking. Oh yeah, the girl, with the body, came by. She was looking for you. I said you laid out to go smoke. She believed me. Ha ha. Oh yeah I know you said you wouldn't do another but dude we got a whole new play in and the Sarge. Wants ME to be the S.M. if you aren't here. Dude, don't bail on me! I can't do this kind of stuff. I am an assistant. Oh well. I'll see you on Monday.

The Dave

Re: Where the ^&*% are you.

You suck. I can't believe he is making you be SM. That is crazy. If you really can't handle I guess I will. Don't let him hand it off to what's her name. I will be there Monday. I'm guessing practice is at the regular time then?

The Dude Re: Re: Where F..

Thy dudeness,
I could so kiss you right now. Thank you. I forgive you for not being here today. Oh and the body came by and smacked me. She saw part of the email. ~Laughs~ Ha ha. So dude, I have to go. Oh yeah and that Mandy girl you dated said you were avoiding The Body. Dude, that's weak. You so need to get over that. I mean, you can do better or whatever. Mandy says "hi". Oh look the bell. See you Monday.

I rolled Dave's words, or at least the ones that made sense. I did need to get over her. As much as I wanted to, she was still there. No matter what I thought of, she was there like an after image. Songs reminded me of her, poems that I wrote turned into her, my laundry smelled like her. I couldn't handle it anymore. I spent the whole weekend like that. I stayed away from the computer just in case she decided to sign on (and unblock me). I almost didn't check the mail until I realized she probably hadn't mailed anything in her whole life.
Monday was the same as Friday but I calmed myself down to settle for a tardy instead of an absent. I was a nervous wreck all day. I constantly looked at the doors in class to make sure she wasn't delivering a message or anything. By fourth period Drama, I was worn out. She rarely came by the auditorium. All we did was prepare for the play all class. I painted props with Dave. He talked so much I finally left him to go "sound check." There was never sound equipment used on the first week of the play. He didn't have to know that.
Drama came and went. I suited up in my black outfit ready to took my place as the stage manager. The Sarge. gave me the script and all the regular keys and told me to begin reading right away. I smelled alcohol on his breath. I wanted to laugh but waited for Dave to come tagging along any moment. I would laugh then.
It was auditions. Rows of nervous freshman, unaware that auditions existed in high school, wait reading and rereading the piece of script. The choreographer took the dancers to the side. They began warming up. She wasn't there. I sighed a deep breath or relief. began leading a sample dance. She turned around to see who was keeping up and ultimately who would be cut. I was lucky. No one wanted my job.
"Who's that?" I heard Dave said as I glanced at the script. I looked up. "That" was a girl I had never seen before. A freshman? No, not possible. She wasn't wearing sweats or tennis shoes. She was dressed 100% perfectly in blue. Her blond hair was pulled into a delicately loose bun. It lost a few pieces of hair which hung in her face, beside her eye. I watched as she smiled, laughing at her own mistakes, though it was apparent she knew the most of the dancers. Their bunned heads bobbed off sync with MsOblander. All except her. She kept pace. Then I realized I was staring.
"Dude, not again," Dave said smirking at me, "didn't you learn from the last time you dated a dancer?"
"Who said I was going to date her? Though I am flattered that you are confident in my skills." Dave rolled his eyes.
"Your funeral. Don't come to me when you have drunk the liquor cabinets dry though." I glared at him and went back to my script though I made frequent glances up at her to see how she was doing.