What happened to me
Where's the life that I had
What happened to my grades
Why aren't there any more A's

I used to be happy
Used to get good grades
But something bad happened
And caused me to change

The obsession that kills
Took over my life
Stole my future
And crumpled it up before my eyes

I heard all the warnings
People saying I could die
I told them to back off
After all it was my life

Recovery after recovery
And relapse after relapse
I think of how it could have been
If only I had listened

I had big plans for the future
My eyes were always on the stars in the sky
Now I begin to wonder
How this obsession entered my life

I was the perfect little girl
With the perfect little world
Got all the perfect grades
Lived the perfect life

So now I sit here
Thinking about all I lost
The obsession that kills
Has ruined my life

Even though I'm still alive...