Land Slide

A surging flood of bedrock,
All delicacy discarded,
Tumbling down and down
To the smooth valley floor.
A sea of stone,
Cumulous clamor rising
To a death-defying roar
That shatters the bones of both
Mice and men.
The dust-choked sun
Fades from all reality,
Smothered out by shards
And shatters
Of once-glorious sandstone.
It took just one to rid the rest
Of all hesitancy,
All decency,
All fortitude to hold them fast.
The once pure shale settles
At the bottom of the valley,
Crushing everything that was
Unable to escape,
Stained with the blood
Of its victims.
There was no warning,
There was no reasoning.
But perhaps I'm the rock
That chose to fall.