Disclaimer: I didn't make Red Nose day up or anything and this is not anything official connected to the event, it's all mine from the top of my head.

A/N: I never said I was a poet OK? So don't expect it to be a work of art, it's just a few heartfelt words and silly rhymes to show I have feelings. It's a bit of a joke too, in the good fashion of Red Nose Day. Had I written and posted this earlier I could've done something where the amount of reviews I got I would donate in £'s. But don't worry, I'm still pledging tonight and I hope whoever can does! BBC1 at 7pm, Friday 14th March. Be generous!
Comic Relief (Red nose day) poem:

It's very ironic you know,

How this story goes,

Where the suffering of Africa,

Turns into joyous Laughter,

Over here,

Thousands are dying each day,

Not for long if we have our way!

Here comes the saviour,

It's Red nose day!

We do loads of stupid things to raise dough,

We love it and laugh even though,

Thousands are dying each day.

The Millions we raise,

Are gonna be used to save,

The thousands dying each day.

Oh yes, if we have our way,

The millions we raise,

Are gonna save,

The thousands dying each day.
So stroll on down to the market,

Grab yourself a shopping basket!

Get your eggs and your bread,

But don't lose your head,

Pick up a little red nose!