Tiny spheres of water,

Fall from the sky.

Colliding with the windowsill,

Tearing my mind from its wandering.

I gaze out at the rain,

With longing in my eyes.

Longing to run through the curtain of water,

To drink of its purity,

To feel its soothing embrace.

But alas, the walls of this prison hold me in.

Denying me the one thing I long for,

The rain that I love.

The clouds part for a moment,

Allowing a stream of light to pass through.

It is then I recognize the calling,

And leap from the chair that holds me captive,

Break free of my restraints,

And dash out to welcome the rain.

Once outside,

I spread my arms to their extent,

Tilt my head to the sky,

And drink the water of the heavens.