Circles of Forever

When the colors fade from gray to green

The rainbow ends on a bended knee

In descending showers of waterless falls

Where have all the flowers gone?

The rings of steel may come and go

But circles are forever

The change that comes with life and death

Is light that changes moods

An infinite tack of restless sleep

Is resting in serendipitous peace

Of glorified tyrants living at home

Where the love of others is bound in stone

In spiral bindings to hold it tight

It can not break free with all it's might

To tell the tales of losing battles

Within myself and I alone

Is to walk along the soiled paths

Of my sordid past decisions

I can not break free of this awesome stampede

That tramples my unsteady future

To ask one's self what regretting means

Would be to recount all the trampled dreams

All the sun shinny days of endless rain

Within the vanity of a broken mirror

In a river of glass that glistens with silver

Surrounded by these boisterous notes

Of internal rampaging silence

A bittersweet victory for the librarian's world

Who never wanted those tattered books

A selfish spiral with a downward twist

That meets it's end within itself

The pain that loves, but never touches

Will destroy us all in the end someday

In the minds of the simple, lie indulging rivers

Of deep nostalgic comradery

A pathway of gold to a single thorn of ivy intertwining

Ending it all in the corporate world of opaquely clear hypocrisy

Where the Renaissance man is the only one standing

To bear the load of mistakes gone good

You must endure the dying young

We all come to terms with the future we choose

But no matter what you can always lose

So reach deep inside and tap into your soul

Grasp onto it tight and let yourself be known