My Muse

A beautiful rose blooming in the spring

With such wondrous beauty it makes angels sing

With petals of wisdom

And stems of grace

With soft white skin and a porcelain face

For such elegance and grace comes but once in a million

It would be a fool's fortune and pass up such a splendor

For a goddess in mine eyes

I will place you on your pedestal

Up amongst the cloudless skies where you truly belong

For such people as yourself

Are too good for mere mortals

As I as myself am nothing but

Considered to be pure luck

That you heart fell upon mine

And my love did cushion it

So no harm would come by

Your heart and soul given up to me both

As mine were to you

Two people as one

Joined at the soul

And ready to grow old

I said I want you to have and to hold

Walking on water

Floating in awe

Such blossoms of joy envelope me

Whenever you are near

Your star-lit smile

And sweet smell of femininity

My muse of all muses I will always say

For I am entranced by your silent song of bliss

But a dog led by its master

With you at my leash

Leading with such gentle tenderness

What a lucky dog I am

To be yours to lead

Come now and take me

For I am all yours

Mind, body, and soul

Leave nothing left

For my purpose is you

Placed on this earth to forever search

For a heavenly body such as yourself

But now all is found and nothing is lost

You are here and I am content

So come with me in you pearly white gown

And say you will be with me forever more

Take my ring and seal with a kiss

For life with out you I shall never miss

To walk alone these darkened paths of life

For your radiant glow is not there to guide me

In a world of darkness I am lost with out you

So please take'th my hand

And grasp it tight

For you have said yes and my heart takes flight

To carry you with me to land of bliss

Where we as first lovers

Shall claim our first kiss