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Chapter 2: Was it Real?

After dropping her book bag in her room, Mira headed towards the kitchen. She noticed something strange, though. Her parents were nowhere to be found. Her dad runs his own business at home and her mom had today off, so she couldn't help but think something was up. On the refrigerator door she saw a note.

Your dad has an important meeting
for his job and I went with him. Be
home late.


PS: Here's some money for pizza.

"Great, they left again without telling me," Mira said, thinking aloud. "At least they left money this time. That's new."

This should not have really surprised her because Mira's parents always left without telling her. Her dad always had some important meeting or something for his job and her mother always went with him. They left her alone for just about as far back as she can remember, which isn't very far back. She couldn't remember anything before she was 5 years old. She got really sick and had an exceedingly high fever that wiped out most of her memories from before then. 'Hey...wait a sec. That was just about as old as that girl in my dream...' Mira continued to think about these things and didn't notice as time flew by. By the time she did realize it, it was time for her to leave for work. "Shit! I only got 15 minutes to get ready for work! And here I am, just standing around. What is with me today?" Mira asked herself as she ran around the house trying to get ready for work.

She quickly changed her clothes into what her boss had told her the day before. 'A pair of old jeans and a regular T-shirt. Man I'm glad I don't have to dress up for my job...' She grabbed her keys and hopped in her car. Somehow, she got there before her boss, ('Maybe I shouldn't have been speeding...'), so she waited outside the building where she was told his office was. She leaned up against the fence and watched as the horses ran around the fields. 'This is so peaceful...I'm glad I found a job with horses even if they are race horses...' Her town was involved in the breeding, racing, and training of Thoroughbred horses and ever since she was little, Mira always felt calm around them. Although she never had much experience with them, (her parents always seemed to want to stay away from horses and anything to do with them), she seemed to have a natural talent. She didn't even tell her parents where exactly she'd be working. 'They never would of let me have the job if they knew that I'd be working with horses...'

She was lost in thought (again) watching the horses when a man appeared behind her. "Beautiful, aren't they?" he asked, admiring the horses as well other things.

"Yea, they're beautiful. The jockey's are lucky that they can ride them. Though I don't think I'd want to be a jockey," Mira said. "I mean, I wouldn't want to ride them like the jockey's do."

"Why not?" he asked, while scratching his head in a confused manner.

"Well, if the horse ever stumbled, you could fly over the horse's head and land on the ground. You could even get trampled by the other horses," Mira answered. For some reason that has always scared her. "But I don't think the jockey's have to worry about that."

"I never thought of that," he replied. "But why don't you think the jockey's worry about that?"

"Well, they have the training and could probably keep the horse in control. I, on the other hand, don't know that much about being a jockey and probably wouldn't be able to keep myself from flying off," Mira explained.

"That's true, but it's still fun," he said.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Mira asked, confused. She had been too dazed by the horses and hadn't looked at the person she was talking to. She turned around and looked at him. He was taller than her, though not by much, and had whitish blonde hair. He didn't look much older than her, at most two years. He had a nice tan and was somewhat muscular.

"Riding the horses in races. It's fun. I'm a trainer for Mr. Tabor. The name's Lucien. And if you don't mind me asking, what are you doing back here? Unless you work here, you aren't supposed to be anywhere near the paddocks. And I've never seen you around before so..." Lucien asked. 'I've never seen her before, that's for sure. I would of remembered if I saw her.' He took a second glance at her. She ignored it.

"Well, I do work here. I just started. I'm supposed to meet Mr. Tabor here. He's supposed to tell me what my job is going to be in this place," Mira answered, somewhat sharply.

"Mira, you're here! Sorry I'm late. Traffic was horrible," Mr. Tabor apologized as he got out of his car. "But I see you met one of my best trainers already."

"Yea, Tabor? You never actually told me what I'm supposed to do for the job..." Mira asked, a little uneasy. 'One of his best trainers? He's still a kid! How could be one of the best all ready?'

"Well Mira, you see those horses in that field?" Mr. Tabor asked, gesturing towards the field in front of them. When Mira nodded, he continued. "They are all race horses, ('Well, duh, of course the are,' Mira thought), and all of those horses in that field need someone to exercise them, clean out their stalls, and groom them."

"I have to take care of all of them?!" Mira exclaimed, with more than a hint of disbelief. 'There must be twenty or thirty horses in that field!'

He chuckled. "No, no, no, Mira. The way we do things around here is that each horse has its own personal keeper. I want you to go in that field and find a horse that will allow you to come near it and pet it," he went on. "These horses are very temperamental. They pick their own keeper. The horse that comes to you is the one you will take care of."

Lucien looked a little nervous as she entered the field. "I don't know why you have to do it this way...that girl could get hurt. Some of those horses are dangerous and she looks like she has had no experience with horses before in her life," Lucien said to Mr. Tabor.

"It's ok, Lucien. I'm sure she'll be fine. If anything happens, you're here so I doubt she will get hurt," Mr. Tabor replied, watching the girl. All of the horses' ears pricked up when she entered, but none moved toward her. A big black stallion looked her in the eyes, and she returned the gaze confidently.

Lucien looked nervously between his boss and Mira. The horse she was staring down is one of the more difficult ones. He has charged at more potential keepers than all the others combined. And sure enough, he was going to do it again. The horse took off straight towards her. She continued looking him in the eyes, even as he ran full speed at her. 'What's that old saying? Show no fear.' The horse stopped a mere 3 inches in front of her face and put his head down. "Looks like I found my horse!" Mira declared happily once she caught her breath. 'Phew! That was a close one!'

"I guess so! And what a fine horse he is!" Mr. Tabor said smiling. "That particular horse was quite the trouble maker. He wouldn't accept anyone but Lucien, and me, of course. His father was like that, too. The only other people who could get near him were his jockey and the jockey's wife. The strange thing is that you look a bit like the jockey's wife if I remember correctly. Remind me and I'll show you a picture of Tornado's father. I always keep pictures of my champions and Tornado's dad was definitely a champion. Oh yea, Tornado is the horse."

"Yea, Silver was a good horse. I remember him," Lucien commented.

"Well, I suppose I should show you around this place. Bring Tornado with you. You can ride him. You're going to have to get used to him eventually anyway," Mr. Tabor added. "And you should get back to work, Lucien."

"Yea. I guess so," the white haired youth responded, heading towards one of the buildings.

The rest of her day at work flew by quickly. She rode a Tornado around the farm and learned the details of her duties. She met most of the other staff and found out more about that Lucien guy. 'He just hangs around the farm? Even though the racing season hasn't started? That's weird,' she thought as she talked to another horse's keeper. Just before she left, Mr. Tabor showed her the best picture he had of Tornado's father. "That's the jockey, his wife and their little daughter is on the horse," he said while pointing to faces.

'Oh my god! That's them! The woman and child from my dream! That means that they might have been real people and that that might have really... happened...'

Author's Note: Wow...they exist. Now what? Will she ever figure out the truth? Does she really want to? Is the truth really that enticing? You have to wonder if some things are worth the pain that exposing it can cause. Hehe. I guess I'm done for now. I'll try to get the next chapter posted soon. Maybe even later this week. I don't know. I'm in the process of editing it so you never know. I just have to get up the initiative.