These are my thought and How I feel about the war. It's time to act and its time to see the real side of the war. Peace their wont be any peace until we go to war.

War with in the sand
Written By: Kayla

The war started when the twin towers had
fallen. Our Hatred began with your lies.
Your hatred with in started when we
said enough with the terrorist.

Your ways remind me of Hitler.
You Posion your own people,
deprived there minds. The
sand can feel your lies, and
feel the rythems of war. Can't you see that blood
will fall from the sky. Will your god have mercy to the scream
of your people.

When Bombs fall from the sky;
thats when the war will end.
You fall into your own destruction.
You built palaces while your
people are starving. You feed your
army with hatred before curing

When you did not agree to go
to exile you ordered your people
to be excuted.
The war is within the sand and
your fate is within our hands.