Everyone's unique
Everyone's different and unique,

Each with a very different physique.

There's a variety of hair,

Prove me wrong if you dare.

Each with different genetics,

Don't believe me? Check the statistics.

I may not know plenty,

Yet I'm not told that constantly.

Contemplate the things around you,

Observe and see that it's true.

Do you often see people that are identical?

They very well may be symmetrical,

they exactly the same inside AND out?

Surely not, for variety is what it's all about,

See? We all have our own special identity,

Though who am I to point out details specifically?

All of us are pieces to a big "puzzle."

Without a few we could all end up in big "trouble."

We can't really judge the importance of each,

I'll stop here because I'm not here to "preach".
::LOL:: I'm not really sure why I wrote it but it just popped into my .pwease review.*smiles*::