My mind is a blank
Man, haikus are so simple
This was so pointless.

I have a red pen
And I write a lot with it
But I don't really.

Do you like pot roast
Because I favor pot roast
But it is stringy.

My name is not Pete
And I do not wish it were
No offense to Pete.

There is a butt crack
And it is on my kneecap
Get the butt off me.

I have a large cat
He is way lazy and fat.
I love him 'neways.

May I have your eyes
No - I mean your eyes on me
No - oh forget it.

Some movies are dumb
But, hey, am I complaining
Actually, yeah.

This ain't a special
I'm paying the normal price
Gimme my money.

You stole my soft heart
But I will get a new one
So there, nyah to you.

This is a haiku
The last one I give to you
I hope you enjoyed.

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