Pet rocks are so cool
I want a pet rock right now
Hey, look, there is one.

It's Saint Patrick's day
The Irish are chasing me
I don't celebrate.

I have a black phone
It beeps at me all the time
So I unplugged it.

I saw a monkey
I gave it a banana
It bit my finger.

To eat a cheeze-it
And hear the crunch in my mouth
Is satisfying.

I hit my boyfriend
I hit him with a sharp stick
I am not sorry.

Do you watch TV?
I enjoy watching Brad Pitt
He is so-o hot.

Blurgy Puff-narf blurg
I am very confused now
I scream random things.

Curling my fingers
Tight, securely and surely
Round a beverage

I lost my slipper
Will you help me to find it?
Thanks a lot, loser.

Sky is majestic
What a beautiful sunset
Ah-ah-ah! My eyes!