In everyone's life

They have their high spots,

That comes from others;

Encouragement and thoughts.

Becoming who you are now,

From whom you once were,

Is where the dance of life,

Will really occur.

Others may be there,

To help teach and guide,

But the lesson is ours

To sought and confide.

When you have problems,

You can swim with your head high,

Or you can sink,

And let life pass you by.

Such a secret place,

The land of tears,

Where you let everything go,

And forget your fears.

Believe that life

Is worth its weight in gold

And soon belief

Will help the fact unfold.

Obstacles are frightful things,

That devours you soul,

When you forget what you're working for,

And lose sight of your goal.

Without a struggle

And without any stress

You can never move on

And make any progress.

Everything I've learned in life,

Now that the pain is gone,

I can sum up in three words;

It goes on...