Whispers in My Head

in the bleak of a sunless winter
i climb the mountains of snow and stone
The coldness chokes my breath
My hands begin to shake
I can not make it alone
Suddenly, an omnious voice whispers in my head
an un-ending ridicule within
Words of despair, grief, and hopelessness fill my head
I can not get them out!
I place my hands on my snow-covered hea
my knees fall towards the ground
The voice grows louder and angrier
what ill thing have i done?
Why must i be punsihed deep inside?
Is it enough for me to travel this journey alone?
the voice grows louder and louder
My feeble mind begins to split
two halves of myself begin to quarrel
words become harsher and darker
i can not get them out!


I awake from my camp, with a dull fire by my side
My companions are sleeping, silent throughout the night
I breathe each breath with greater ease now
The nerves, i feel, begin to calm
At the first sight of Earth's awakening
my comrades and I begin to climb
I no longer hear that voice again
only the laughter and company of my friends
That voice will no longer hurt me
I am not alone anymore