Valentine 2003

I wrote this the week of valentines during my health class. ^_^'''At my high school , there's this tradition that a girl asks
the guy to go to Sadies, a valentine's dance. Well I had two backup plans: go to the dance or hang out with a bunch of my friends
at chuckee cheeses on the same night. This poem tells generally what happened that week:)

Valentine's is coming , can you smell it in the air?
An array of chocolate and red is completely everywhere.
The flowers are selling,
the birds are singing.
It seems very clear, that valentine's is coming.
At school everyone is talking of who I should be going.
This silly dance of romance, that seems I won't be going.
I ask that special guy of one important question,
everything around me is silent, could this be an absolution?
I ask very briefly, but unfortuantely he can not go.
Inside my head, ideas are running, could this be a foe?
But now I don't bother anymore,
it all seems silly to me.
BUt while all are worrying about their clothes and kisses,
I'll be hanging out at Chuckee Cheese's.