Star Crossed.

AN: For the love of god don't read this unless you're in a sentimental mood or just want a good laugh. It's sap. Unusual sap at that. It's an epic poem about impossible love between an Angel and a Demon that conquers all obstacles, Death, Satan, The Global Fast Food Industry, you name it. . . If anyone is left confused as to the story line, e-mail me and I'll explain. Enjoy.


NOTE: Text that appears in Bold Is indicating that it's the Devil's POV, Italics is Angel POV and Plain text is Demon POV.


If my heart was unbroken,
My conscience was clean,
If my eyes were unjaded,
My spirit were free,
And my mind untarnished,
My soul pure,
If I were an angel,
I would still love you.
Forever as promised,
Still strong and true.


My heart is lost in darkest night,
My conscience hidden deep inside,
My eyes are closed to what's above,
My spirit free of care or love,
My mind a swirl of black and red,
Where one was soul a void instead,
The shining light on gilded thread;
If not returned will see me dead.

You find me now when hope is lost,
I've given up, an empty ghost,
What can I do but try to find;
A way to leave my world behind?
You gave your life for me that day,
I asked you why, what could you say?
Just that you loved me but can't stay.

And now you're back, what can I do,
But try to free my soul for you.
My master holds it bound to him,
The Morning Star, I serve his whim.
But from this chosen path I stray,
You asked me why, what could I say?

Just that I love you to this day,
I always will, so come what may.


Never shall I see the sun,
Rise above the clouds today.
Never shall I hear the birds,
Sing their song above the bay.
Never catch a falling star,
Passing by me on its way.

But I do not regret
Leaving you to do this for me.

Maybe one day we will meet,
On this beach where now I lay.
If you hold on to my heart,
If in love you do not stray.
Promise this and I will try,
And not give up while on my way.

But I do not regret
Leaving you with all my love and trust.

Do not say your last goodbye;
Though you know I cannot stay.
I am yours if worlds apart,
Love, forever come what may.

And even if this is forever
I do not regret
Loving you.


Crushed and broken,
Words you've spoken,
Just a token,
From your heart.

On this night,
I said I'd fight,
I hadn't lied,
You're torn apart.

Demon wings,
Your soul still clings,
To many things,
My poison dart.

Mine forever,
Here together,
Death shall never,
Do us part.

Never leave me,
Don't deceive me,
Pray, believe me,
Just a start.

Love is never,
Here forever,
If you're clever,
It's an art.


Stand up to the impossible for you?
With me my love.
Fight His will again for you?
For us my love.
Reclaim all I lost for you?
Not just me my love.
Don't give up my love.
Because then I will fight for you alone.

You know now as you did once,
When you held me as you cried,
And no matter what the chance,
You wowed to me you would have tried.

Say my love is all in vein;
That's all I need to hear from you.
Never bother you again,
If the words you speak are true.

That is all you ask of me?
How much harder could it be?
Die together? Live apart?
Not much choice but it's a start!

Why not try again this time;
Side by side, I'm yours, you're mine.
I don't recognize his claim,
Our love to him will be a flame!

No my love we cannot win,
Never was there greater sin.

Like a moth on to a flame,
It's your heart he cannot tame!

If I loose you to this fate,
I fear love will be too late.

Trust in it my love, and me,
On this night we'll set you free.
No more games, no one's to blame,
Both our fates will be the same.

Live together hope I trust
Die together if we must?

Dare I ask why you risk everything for me again?

I love you and without you life is pain.

Then, maybe my love, we do not fight in vein.


What would you live for?
Angel and Demon
What do you fight for?
Night and Day
What do you die for?
Love and Hate
What will it cost you?
I cannot say
What does it matter?
What would you pay?

Never my heart, my love or my soul,
Everything else is yours, all you've stole.

So cruel my prince, I want but two things.
As payment for freedom I'm taking your wings!
You'll walk the earth together at last,
Just find each other, you'd better move fast.
Your time in the realm is a lifetime, not more,
Fail - and heaven shall close its door.
Together forever in hell you'll then be,
Those are my terms. Do you agree?


Twin shining stars fell down that day,
On opposites sides of a shining sea,
Love bound them still though dormant it lay,
With no spark of hope, no memory.

What chance could there be,
Though their lot was cast;
For two lovers to see,
Each other at last?

Trust in love,
It will lead the way.
If it's meat to be.
What more can I say?