"The Real World", "Survivor", "Big Brother". Sound familiar? These are three of the more popular examples of "reality" T.V. shows. Like a lot of people, I don't happen to like reality T.V. shows. Part of it is because you know when the producers are looking at audition tapes, that they will choose the following: one white rich girl who likes to party, one black girl with a large butt and a worse attitude, one white, muscular man who is willing to contract herpes by having sex with the majority of female contestants (tip: If you are a white man who really wants to be on a reality T.V. show, say that you'll be willing to do this with men as well. It will up your prospects), and one black man who is sensitive, and easily manipulated. More or less, this is what most reality show contestants consist of.

Another thing I have a problem with in reality shows is the fact that NONE of these situations are actually realistic. How many times have you and fifteen other castaways been flown to an uncharted island to compete for a million dollars and a spiffy SUV? How about being stuck in a house where there are cameras in every room (this includes the bathroom. Ooh! Scandalous!)? But, anyway, I've come up with a few ideas of my own for reality shows. Pay attention! These shows may soon be coming to CBS or NBC next season!

Show number one: Dead Drunk.
The setup: Drunken hysterics are sure to be in store when five contestants are inebriated to the point where hangovers are the last thing on their mind. They are put into a locked room, and the lights are turned off. In the course of thirty minutes, one of the contestants is killed (this will be a surprise even to the cadaver-to-be). Then, the lights are turned back on, and everyone has to figure out who the killer is, while still inebriated.

Show number two: DMV stories
The setup: The audience gets to watch the misadventures of a bunch of young teenagers out to get their drivers license. We will get to watch them from driving school through the final test. Which contestant will you be dodging on the roads in years to come?

Show number three: Anger management house
The setup: Five contestants, all of whom have major anger management problems, are put together in a house. There are cameras in every room, including the kitchen (ooh! Scandalous!). No anger therapy is given to the contestants. The last contestant to have a nervous breakdown recieves actual treatment.

So, what do you think? Are these ideas good enough for a show? Do you have any ideas yourself? Thoughts, please in your reviews, or e-mail them to me.