Machine gun fire roars through the empty fields
Our unscathed soldiers march with holy shields
Crushing our opponents with unquestioned glory
Our grandchildren's grandchildren's bedtime story
Of the enemy who was hanged, drawn, and quartered
No crimes were publically admitted, but inferred
His eyes drip with blood from the knives of war
The executioner fills his stage with blood and gore
Completeing his maasterpiece, his complete inner joy
The wish to kill and maim as an innocent patriot boy
The prisoners with a lost arm, or leg, or a lost ear
When you look into their eyes, all you see is fear
As they know they were in the wrong against our State
They should be bled to death, there is no debate
Our countrymen victorious again and again, power unfurled
The nobility and honour to purge Communism from the world
Our fearless soldiers run through one last time, who yell
"Another enemy ruthelessly tortured, another story to tell"