The rain, it keeps falling
Down the tear streaked face
The girl, she keeps balling
Never slowing the tears pace
The overwhelming sadness
The sadness never told
The few moments of gladness
Not enough to keep out the cold
The knifes and the pills
Scattered about the room
The hurt, the sharp pain that kills
Leaving the world of silent doom
The memories drifting back
For the very last time
The emptiness, the lack
The soft humming of the nursery rhyme
The fake laughs and smiles
The fake friends and dates
The annoying and wasteful styles
All the things that she hates
The longing to be kissed
The longing to be held
The love that she missed
More pain and she yelled
The failures till this day
All of this no more
Her pain starting to float away
As her spirit begins to soar