Monolouge of Nothingness

So many shadows and dark things. Everything closes in all at once. Sometimes I let it eat away at me. Sometimes I screams and claw at it's walls. Sometimes I am soothed by it's silence. Sometimes it fills me to the brink, driving me to insanity as if I might spontaneously combust at any given second. Sometimes I let it abuse me. Sometimes rage fills me and I have to tear things apart. Sometimes I need to be alone. Sometimes I want someone to hold me. But no one's ever there.

So many dark and delicate pictures. Sometimes the beauty entrances me. Sometimes it makes me sick, and I want to rip it from where it hangs just to destroy it's so-called loveliness. Sometimes I just want someone to share these marvels with. But no one's ever there.

So many trick s and taunts. So many traps and cages. Sometimes I do not cry when seized. Sometims I fight to get out, finding the strength to bend your metal bars. You words may not kill me this time. Sometimes I want to be controlled, forced to do things against my will. Sometimes I rebel against this monotonous world. Sometimes I wish there would be someone to protect me from this pain, but no one's ever there.

Sometimes I just want to stop short and die. Sometimes I want to go on living forever. Sometimes I just want someone to be here with me, so share my joys and troubles. But no one's ever here.