Going Someplace Special

A Song

By NewbiaTheElf


Woke up in the morning

where were you?

I went to get some breakfast

then I realized what to do

I went downstairs

to say goodbye

but you had left me high and dry


not until the night would you come

"well,"I thought,"Since I'm all ready,"

I would just leave without anyone

So I left a note

on the kitchen counter

explaining everything

and I said that I was

/Start of Chorus/
Going someplace special
the situations just to much to bear
where I'll go
I don't know
And I don't care
Just gonna
away from here.
gonna take alittle ride
to see if greener on the other side
I might be back in a while
like you did
yep,that's what you did
so it's not really
/End of Chorus/

Out the door

I remember

The way that things used to be

the special place inside of me

how I'd look into your face

and that real special place

how I'd smile and gush

and just between us-

I'd reallly be somewhere special

oh so special

but the special place is gone

I just have to

find a new one

Find a place to belong

If only

If only

the wind howls and screams

if only

if only

it was just a scary dream

and I didn't have write

so that you'll read it this night

that I'm

That night

I wish I didn't see it

but now I know

I have to go

Just so I will eventually

not beleve

will you chase me through garden as pulling weeds

see a sad note in the seeds

and say "Come Back To Me!"

Back To Me!

But I know it is true

and whatever I knew


was just locking a door

to the truth

so know I no

that I

have to be go


But in heart

my heart

it will always be the same

I know this may sound lame

but we'll see it through this

though I'll miss

you,'cause I know now