Gay For a Day
Chapter 1: Fruitless Spirit
By Hikari Shiro and Kurokawa
"I'm Touchi Shingo, an average senior high student. I'm eighteen years old and my birthday is May 14th. My height is 5'11" and my blood-type is type AB. "Is that all you need to know?" I asked my gym teacher, who was recording everyone's stats.
"I still need your weight, Shingo," He replied. I sighed as I stepped onto the scales and watched as the arrow trembled between the numbers 130 and 135.
"Wow, you're skinny," commented a shorter boy behind me. I glared at him and then returned my gaze to my gym teacher, Mr. Hans.
"Great, Shingo, that's all I need. Next!" He called as he dismissed me. I slowly stepped off the scale, and walked away. I sat down on the cold gym floor, and tried hard to relax. "I wish Gaylord would leave me alone. He should know by now that I'm not interested in men," I thought to myself as the image of Gaylord crossed my mind. 'I AM GAAAAAYYYLLOOOOORD!' The voice rang through my head at the bad memory. Gaylord's high-pitched voice, his limp wrist, his scruffy beard, his jingling earring, and his bright red hair came to mind. I shuddered at the image of Gaylord, wishing that for once I could get major attention from a hot babe.
"Shingo? Why are you sitting here all alone?" asked a tenor voice. Startled, I lifted up my head and shifted my eyes to glance at the person who called out to me. It was the short boy that had been behind me earlier.
"I'm just bored," I replied quickly as I sat up.
"I'm sorry about that Shingo, I haven't properly introduced myself." He stepped closer to me, while my heart pounded in my chest. I felt my face turn bright red as he placed his hand on my cheek. His emerald colored eyes gazed into mine, as he caressed my cheek lovingly.
"You're K-Kasif, right?" I stuttered.
"Yes, but please call me Kirin." "Okay...Kirin..." I said slowly, not sure what he was doing...seducing me? Sick! I took his hand off my cheek gently and shoved it at him.
"Kirin, you're so gay!"
"Aren't you?" Kirin smiled. I felt my cheeks turn beet red.
"Of course not, you sick freak!" I yelled.
"I'm sorry, but I could have sworn you were gay. I usually can sniff out one of my own a mile away," He commented as he slid his slender hand through his thick blue hair.
"Well, I'm not! So forget about it!" I yelled as I clenched my fists tightly. "What a pity. You're too hot to be straight," Kirin whispered.
"Get away from me!" I shouted, grabbing a nearby basketball and threatening to throw it at him. "Shortie!" "If you ever get gay or anything, "Kirin giggled, "Call me! Tee-hee-hee..." That's not the only guy who said I look gay. I hate them all! All those gross guys who like other men, that's just wrong! And every single girl spreads rumors about it to, what's so gay about me? I think I'm perfectly normal...except for Gaylord always hanging around me... I watched Kirin run across the gym room, he looked as if he was about to cry. I started to feel guilty, but I shook off the feeling.
"He deserved it. Putting his hands on a guy like that..." I whispered to myself. I decided to lighten up my mood by trying to sneak a peak in the girl's locker room. I slowly tiptoed to the locker room door, and glanced both ways until I descended the long ivory colored steps. As I walked down the stairs, I continued to glance behind myself, to make sure that I wouldn't get caught.
"AHHHHHHHH!" A blonde haired girl shrieked as she spotted me.
"Oh shit," I thought to myself, "I've been seen." I quickly turned around and attempted to flee. However, my rotten luck caused me to trip on my shoestrings and I fell down the stairs, right into the arms of the shirtless, terrified blonde girl who only wore a bra.
"You gay wad!" She shrieked as she dropped me straight on the floor.
"No! Please! You must understand!" I yelled, wanting her to stay.
"What?" She said.
"I-I need to see someone...a girl...please!" I begged on my knees. "Please, I need to see a naked girl!" I screamed, as I realized what I had leaked out, I covered my mouth with my hands.
"Eek!" she squeaked. I stared up at her shirtless chest, and I took a hard look, taking in every detail with a feeling of total bliss.
"Pervert!" She screamed as she covered her chest with both hands.
"Oh please, just another peak!" I begged as I tried to desperately pry away her arms.
"Touchi, and I thought you were gay!' She screamed as I managed to pry away her left arm. I ignored her comment and took my chances by continuing to pry away her other arm. I felt blood running down my nostrils as I smiled at the sight of her c-cup size bra.
"Touchi Shingo!" she screamed as she tried to free her arms from my grasp.
"Miya Mayazaki!" I screamed back at her as I smiled. Finally, I realized that I couldn't take off her bra if I had my hands holding back hers. So, I decided I'd have to use my mouth. I pinned her to the wall, clasping her wrists. She kicked her feet, trying to get free as I worked my teeth around her bra straps. Finally, as if she was holding it back, she screamed as loud as she could. I was afraid. I felt suddenly like a criminal, and if I did this much, I was going to do as much as I could, I was damned to hell anyway. I clasped my hand around her mouth and carried her out of the school, since the gym was near the exit. I went into an alleyway, feeling like those rapists and felt suddenly like threatening her, like on the porno my dad watches.
"Don't say a word, or I'm gonna kill you!" I yelled. "Oh, I'm sorry, did that sound harsh, what I meant is..." Mayazaki looked at me with her eyes wide open in fear.
"Touchi, why are you doing this?" she asked. I didn't answer, I just continued working my mouth up and down her shirtless chest. Mayazaki wasn't trying to escape anymore, she'd finally realized that I was stronger than her. While I was doing this crazy thing I had never done before I was answering the question in my head. Why am I doing this? I dunno, to prove to myself that's I am not gay.
"Touchi, tell me!" she cried out as the tears fell down her face. I suddenly felt terrible about my actions, however I couldn't stop.
"Touchi, I'd let you do this if you knew my feelings," she whispered as more tears fell. My heart was pounding, I wasn't sure myself exactly why I felt the need to prove my manhood by doing this.
"Miya," I whispered.
"Touchi, I won't tell anybody about this," she whispered as her tears blurred her blue eyes.
"I'll stop if you'll take off your bra," I tried to remain strong, even though her tears were changing my heart's desire. Miya nodded, quietly as she waited for me to release her arms. She slowly reached behind her, sniffling and holding back tears as she unhooked her bra and let it go limp. This is what I wanted...kinda. I'm so confused. After I see them...then what? I kinda didn't want it to go this far. I took it off her. Wow. I hadn't really imagined anything like it. I felt my cheeks turn red, as my nose started bleeding again. The blood in my body all began to rush to my penis, and my nose. I couldn't help it at all, it just happened.
"Miya, they're beautiful..,"I whispered as I reached my hand out to touch them.
"Touchi!" she called out, "You promised!" I shook my head, I reminded myself about my promise.
"I'm sorry Miya, I don't know what's going on with me!" I cried out. I felt pathetic. I was harassing a classmate just to prove that I wasn't gay. I blushed deeply and backed away, not saying a word. I didn't want to, because I would say something stupid again. I just...ran away. Leaving her there, violated. I didn't know if I could even look at her again...look at a girl again in the same way. I felt dirty and wrong. I ran down the dark alley. I felt totally alone. I tried to figure out how everything had gone so wrong.
First, I failed my history exam. Second, Gaylord tried to flirt with me. Then, that Kirin tried to pull a move on me, and now this. I felt terrible, I kept running even though I had nowhere to run to.
"Damn gay guys, they always screw everything up!" I shouted out loud. "Not so fast, Touchi!" said a mysterious voice.
"Who's there?" I said, frightened. I didn't want anyone around me.
"Touchi, you wouldn't know me, but you should." said the voice.
"Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" I asked quizzically.
"My name is Bitalo, the pansy king," the voice replied.
"Pansy? Oh no, you don't think I'm gay too?" Bitalo stepped out from the shadows,
"Actually, no."
"Then, why are you here?"
Bitalo sighed as he twirled his finger through his plait of purple hair.
"Actually, I've been sent to change your attitude on homosexual men."
"What do ya mean?" I asked in fear as I backed away from the queer.
"I mean..." Bitalo said, getting closer, "How would you feel, might I ask, if you were gay?"
"I'm not! Gays are sick!" I quickly said back. I to say though, Bitalo was a real handsome guy.
"There are two men, Touchi, that really love you, that's a gift. You don't just go raping women to make you feel manly! Let me show you a world were you are carefree...and GAY!"
"How about not!" I yelled as Bitalo got closer and closer. I was up against a wall and Bitalo was right in my face giggling.
"I wouldn't come to you...if you didn't need to see the world...if you were gay..."
"What do you mean?" I stuttered.
"Well, let me show you how your life would change. Tomorrow you will wake up and feel strangely attracted to males." Bitalo grinned, his hair tossing in the wind. I gasped in fear...I almost believed him...could it be true?! I grabbed my head and sank the ground on my knees.
"Get away from me you fagot!" I yelled as he approached me.
"See what I mean? You're so disrespectful," Bitalo replied as he placed his hand on Touchi's shoulder lovingly.
"You're afraid. I'll protect you I promise," he whispered as he tried to embrace him.
"Get off me!"
"Touchi, isn't this similar to what you did to Miya?"
"No, this is nothing like it at all. How'd you know about that?" I asked as I looked into Bitalo's deep amber eyes.
"I saw you commit that crime," he whispered sadly as he continued to wrap his arms around Touchi's body. I looked away, I didn't feel like pushing his warm arms away. In fact, I felt better with his warm loving arms around me. I felt the tears swell in my eyes.
"Bitalo, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to go that far. I honestly didn't," I sobbed as I burried my face in his hard chest.
"Touchi, Miya loves you," Bitalo whispered as he me tightly.
"She loves you more than anything. She was afraid to tell you before, that's why she wouldn't fight you back."
"You don't mean that, do you?" I asked as I gazed at him through my teary eyes.
"I do. Miya's crying now, she can't believe that you did that to her. She's so hurt inside and outside. She's confused, she doesn't no whether to love or hate you," he whispered as he patted my head softly. "Dammit," I whispered as my tears began to fall uncontrollably.
"Touchi, that's not the only person you hurt today is it?" Bitalo said. "What about Kirin? He really likes you to..."
"That gay...he doesn't have feelings, that hopeless short idiot."
"See, there you go again. How about Gaylord? He hangs around as if he's deaf."
"He might be from yelling his own name so damn much..." I laughed to myself. Bitalo looked at him seriously. I looked at him, the humorless gay dork who called himself king of the pansies, and sighed.
"I don't believe you. I kinda want to, but I don't." I said as I got up, "Kirin was joking around, he's just a gay pervert. Leave me alone."
"That's what you think today, but if you got to know him, then things would be completely different," Bitalo replied.
"I doubt it, an insensitive fruitcake like him doesn't have anything to offer," I muttered. Bitalo sighed as he realized how stubborn I am.
"I'm King of Pansies in name only," Bitalo whispered sadly, "If only I could do more for my people."
"What do you do for your people now?" I asked curiously.
"Well, actually I do their hair and tend to the gardens," he said with a grin, "but I also have been studying magic a bit too."
"Magic?" I asked stupidly.
"Yes, magic is a common practice between the greater rulers of the homosexual males," Bitalo said with a smile. I looked around feeling as if I had just smoked pot, I couldn't believe that there was a whole system of gay rulers.
"Well, Bitalo, it's been nice talking to you, but I've got to go," I replied quickly as I leaped to my feet remembering how I'd left school.
"Wait!" he called out as I ran towards the school building. I ignored him, I kept on wishing that this was a all just a bad dream that I'd wake up from and that I had forgotten about a secret stash of pot I had earlier. I continued running until I arrived near the gym entrance that led to the girl's locker room. Sprawled across the cold grass, was Miya's naked body. Miya was curled over to one side grasping her stomach, where blood was seeping from a deep cut across it.
"Miya!" I shouted. I ran to her side and kneeled before her. "Miya, what happened?" I asked. She smiled sweetly at me,
"I'm sorry, but after you left me a gang of thugs attacked me."
"No, Miya," I whispered as I touched her wound.
"I'm stupid, I fought against them. I couldn't let them have myself before you had my virginity," she whispered in tears. A tear slid down my face, I couldn't stop it. What if she'd die? Did she still love me after...what I did to her? And is it my fault that she got attacked?
"Touchi..." She whispered. I got closer to her and she got right next to my ear, "I know...that you didn't mean it...I forgive you..." I couldn't help, but cry. I didn't know what to do.
"Miya, I won't leave you this time," I whispered as the tears fell. She tried to smile, but however, her strength was failing fast as her blood supply continued to lessen.
"BITALO!" I screamed. There was no reply. "SOMEBODY HELP!" I screamed. I suddenly heard the pounding of footsteps rushing from inside the school building. "HELP ME PLEASE!" I screamed.
"Touchi? Is that..." It was Kirin. He stopped dead in his sentence when he saw in his arms was Miya, bleeding to death and naked.
"Kirin, please understand, I..."
" could that to sick freak." He screamed, tears rolling down his cheeks. I stared at him...he didn't really think I did this to her? That freak, always pointing fingers. But he did look heartbroken.
"I didn't...Kirin, listen to me!" I yelled.
"Listen to me for once, Touchi!" Kirin yelled, his voice hysterical as he wiped away tears with his arm. "Listen to me, dammit!" "Kirin..." Just then teachers and other classmates came, hiding Kirin's tearstained face in a hurried rush, eager to scapegoat me, no doubt.
"Touchi," Many voices gasped, not willing to hear his story.
"I didn't do it!" I screamed, even though I knew it was useless. "Somebody, call an ambulance, quick!" I shouted. The teachers quickly tried to gain control of the panicking mob of students. Several students ran back into the building as they searched desperately for a phone.
"It's ok, Touchi, I love you and that's all that matters," Miya whispered as she felt her last bit of strength vanishing.
"You bastard." I heard someone say. It was one of Miya's friends.
"I didn't do it...I swear..." I tried to saw between my tears. She immediately slapped me, three times. "Shut-up!" She yelled, crying. She grabbed my hair and lifted me a bit up by it, but was interrupted by a kid who said the ambulance was coming.
"You'll die if she dies," she threatened as she set me back down. I felt my heart pounding inside my chest, I didn't know what to do. I watched sadly, as the ambulance took her away, muttering about the tenth rape crime in a week. I couldn't believe it, I waited worrying about when the police would come. When they came, I knew that they would go straight to questioning and arresting me. I tried hard to escape the crowd of students that kept pursuing me.
"Bitalo!" I screamed as I ran into an alley. Bitalo suddenly appeared before him. "What do you want with a pansy like me?" he asked. Touchi latches on to Bitalo.
"Bitalo, help me. Help me save Miya!" I screamed insanely.
"The only way you can save her is if you let me cast a spell of gayety on you," he whispered.
"How will that fix things?" I asked between sobs.
"The magic will allow you to start over the entire day as a homosexual, so you won't attack her in the locker room," Bitalo explained. The idea seemed reasonable, but I didn't know if I could give up my manhood so easily.
"Well?" he asked.
"I'll do it!' I shouted. Bitalo immediately cupped his hands and formed a mysterious ball of energy, which he blasted at me. Suddenly, I felt the energy reaching into my soul and pulling at my deepest darkest desires. I through my head back as my straight feelings were pulled from my body. Suddenly, my vision began to blur and then the wind blew against my helpless body. I reached my hand out towards Bitalo, but I could not reach him.
"Bitalo!" I shouted in fear as my body was swept off my feet in the mad wind. Bitalo smiled at me and waved "cutely". Then, my vision went totally black.