Gay for a Day
By Hikari Shiro and Kurokawa

Chapter 5- What You've All Been Waiting For

"Thank God, that you're alive, Touchi!" Bitalo cried out as he held me tightly.
"Bitty-sama, how am I going to explain to my mother about this?" I asked with a laugh.
"It doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is that you're safe here with me," Bitalo whispered as he pulled me on to the bed.
"Bitty-sama, you'll always be with me, right?"
"I promise you, Touchi, I'll never leave you. I'll always be by your side to love and to hold you," Bitalo whispered as he fondled my hair.
"Bitalo, make me one with you!" I cried out as I found myself trying to pull off his loose fitting shirt.
Bitalo smiled as he took my hands and guided them beneath his shirt. I didn't recoil from his welcomed offer, as I slid off his shirt revealing his beautiful built chest; I couldn't contain myself.
I had to touch it, his beautiful body. It was so perfect. So I walked my fingers up his chest, and the feel was sensational. His skin was softer than the finest silk.
"Touchi, don't stop," Bitalo whispered as he laid his head on my shoulder. I smiled and continued to stroke his beautiful body, until my hands fell against his pants. Slowly, I took my hands and tried to slip them off.
"Oh naughty!" Bitalo giggled as he looked up into my eyes, "Enough about me for now. Let's see what your sexy body has to offer." I blushed as Bitalo pounced like a cat onto me and threw me back against the bed in a passionate kiss.
"Bitty-sama, I want to see your beautiful body some more," I replied as I stuck out a pouty lip.
"Let me have fun too, Tou~chiii..." Bitalo smiling as he playfully bit at Touchi's lip.
I giggled as I brought up my arms and Bitalo slipped off my shirt. He playfully stroked my bare chest, and licked it all over, almost tickling me. I reached my hand onto the breakfast plate that I'd brought earlier and grabbed a hold of a biscuit.
"Bitty-sama," I teased as I lovingly fed him the biscuit. Bitalo smiled as he ate happily and encouraged me to have a bite. Together we ate way at that biscuit from our separate ends until we met each other's lips at the center.
"Touchi, you taste so much better than anything in the world. Please let me have another taste," Bitalo begged.
"Anything for you, Bitty-sama," I whispered as I fastened my lips around his in another loving kiss.
"Oh naughty," Bitalo laughed as I reached my hands for his pants again, this time successfully removing them from his body.
"Touchi, you naughty naughty boy, and you know that bad boys get punished," Bitalo teased as he reached for my pants. I suddenly felt Bitalo's warm hands caressing my inner thigh.
"Bitty-sama, I love you," I whispered as I grabbed his hand and moved it further up my body.
Bitalo smiled, "Not as much as I love you."
"Then, you'll give your heart to me?" I asked excitedly.
"Stupid, you already stole it," he whispered as he looked down at my naked lower body, and continued to move his fingertips closer to my genitals.
"I won't lose you again, Touchi," Bitalo whispered as he placed his warm cheek against my bare thighs.
"Bitty-sama," I rubbed his head as he eagerly began to lick my thighs.
"I want to know everything about you, Touchi. Everything you love, everything you hate, everything that I love about you," Bitalo whispered as he rested his head against my genitals.
"Bitty-sama, why were you sent to meet me?" I asked curiously as I tilted his head upward and gazed into his amber eyes.
"My friend, the King of Fruits, told me that he had met a cold, straight, disrespectful boy named Touchi Shingo. He sent me on this mission to allow you to see the world through the eyes of a gay man," Bilato paused.
"At first, I refused to go, but he promised me that if I went, then I'd find the person whom I am destined for, so I agreed to come. I didn't believe him at first, but ever since the moment, I laid eyes on you I fell in love with you."
"Bitalo, you changed my life, you saved me from Gaylord, and from certain death. I hate it that there is nothing I can do for you," I whined as I laid his head in my lap.
"You've already done so much for me, Touchi, you gave me a reason to live, and somebody to live for," Bitalo whispered as he glanced up at my smiling face. Bitalo grasped my hands and moved them over his naked beautiful body, while he kissed my corresponding parts.
"Yes, Touchi?"
"Thank you for everything."
"Everything?" Bitalo asked. "You are everything to me, Touchi."
Bitalo set his head on my chest and sighed, in what seemed like a great relief.
"Touchi, I'm so glad your here, with me. I can't stand it when you're gone...I get so lonely."
"What was it like...back where you live?" I asked, stroking his head.
"Well, everyone is gay, all tell you that, and stuck-up. They don't know what it means to be kings and such, it goes to their head, you see?" Bitalo said, pulling himself higher on my body until he rested on my neck.
"Can we go there...sometime?" I asked, feeling in bliss holding Bitalo's comfortable body.
"If you want to, I'll go anywhere you want to go, Touchi," he whispered, I felt his warm breath against my body with every word.
I smiled, I still didn't understand why a king like Bitalo would throw away his luxurious life to live with a simple high school boy like me.
"Bitty-sama, I...," I whispered, "I...don't know why, but I'm scared."
"Scared?" he asked as he gazed up at me in alarm.
"I don't know why, but I feel like somebody is watching us," I said as I looked around the messy room.
"Now that you mention it, I sense somebody is here too," Bitalo said as he got up and walked toward the couch. I watched as Bitalo moved the couch and revealed a terrified looking Miya behind it.
"AAAAAHHHHH!" they both screamed at the discovery of the other.
"MIYA?" I cried out as I suddenly pulled a sheet up to cover myself.
"I'm sorry Touchi, but I followed you guys after school," Miya replied in embarrassment as she stared at Bitalo's naked body.
"QUIT LOOKING AT HIM!" I warned her.
"I'm sorry," Miya apologized as she forced herself to remove her eyes from Bitalo's sexy body.
"So, how did you get in?" Bitalo asked.
"I...ummm...uhhhh...I walked in," she whispered with a smile.
"Oh please, how'd you get past us?" Bitalo asked.
"You guys had your heads under the covers and were moaning so loud that you didn't hear me come in."
Miya fell to her knees and grabbed onto Bitalo's naked legs, "PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I'M A CURIOUS GIRL, FORGIVE ME!"
Bitalo grabbed a jaket, wrapped it around his waist quickly, and shook her off his legs.
"How old are you anyway?" Miya suddenly asked Bitalo.
"Any age I want to be!" Bitalo said, sticking his tongue out. Miya blushed, laughing.
"I don't know what's so funny, you peeping tom." Touchi growled. "Don't tell anyone about this!"
"Oh don't worry I won't," Miya said sweetly, "But only if you guys start kissing nude as in WITHOUT covering in front of me!"
"You pervy little," I screamed right before Bitalo cut me off.
"It's a deal."
"Bitalo? HOW CAN YOU AGGREE TO THAT?" I asked in fear.
"It doesn't matter who we're proclaiming our love for does it? You know that I'd show the world my love for you by doing anything for your sake."
"Alright, but Miya you have to close your eyes!" I tried to compromise.
"Then I won't be able to see the sizzling action!" Miya whined.
"That's the point you pervert," I muttered.
"BITTY-SAMA! MAKE HIM DO IT, PLEASE!" she screamed like a toddler throwing a tantrum.
"Now I know you've been here too long..." Bitalo complained.
"HEY! I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CALL HIM THAT!" I screamed angerily as I got up and was ready to hit her. However, I forgot about my sensitivity to my nudity.
"Tou~chi, come on, it's not that bad." Bitalo said, caressing my face with his soft hand. Great, now I want to do it.
"Only once, you can't ask this of us again, okay? Cause it won't happen!" I yelled. Miya squealed in joy and looked at us contentedly. I looked at him and he was smiling, of course. I sighed. I had to pretend she wasn't there, and that we were wearing clothes. So, intent on doing it as fast as I could, I dropped the blanket and dashed for Bitalo's lips. When they collided, I saw a bright flash. There was Miya, with a full camera, taking pictures.
"Muahahahahaha!" Miya laughed, "Now I can look at you two before I go to sleep at night." That thought disgusted me...
"Miya put that down now!" I yelled, grabbing my pants.
"Muahaha, I'm so evil." Miya said with a cute chibi face at I to steal the picture from her. Miya dodged my attacks, and dashed out of the door with a satisfied grin on her face.
"Bitty-sama," I whined, "She got away."
"It doesn't matter, now the world will know how much I love you," Bitalo replied as he kissed my lips again. Even though his words comforted me, I still didn't have a good feeling about what Miya was going to do with those pictures. After sharing the kiss, I pried myself away from his arms, and glanced at the clock.
"It's late, Bitalo, we should get some lunch," I complained.
"Alright, put on some clothes and we'll get something to eat."


* Notes from Hikari Shiro and Kurokawa* This IS the final chapter of Gay for a Day. We hope you don't feel too bad, because the saga will continue. Due to popular demand. HAHAHAHHAA. The new story is appropriately called Tears of the Rose. So, if you want to know what Miya did with that picture, who Kirin really is, and where Bitalo's from, then you should search for Gay for a Day's sequel. ^^ Have fun.