Kiss of a demon

Eliza Hamilton walked the streets with her friends, blonde hair flew out behind her like colored wheat,getting into her blue friends laughed,it was going to be a good year,they could tell.A new year,1700!This new year marked more than a new century,it marked a new and her friends were moving to the new world,all the of them,to the colony of Massachusets,as soon as 1700 rolled around.1699 was rather boring as of late.

The group of chattering girls stopped infront of Ella McGregors' was an old Irish woman,you lived a spooky old hut."I hear she's a witch!"whispered Eliza's friend, was a Puritan,but Ella was Quaker,so what else would you expect her to say?Eliza rolled her eyes at Charity.

"Cher,you KNOW there are so such things as witches,"Eliza explained ,her slightly plump body swelling up."Oh,tis a common thing in England!Thats why my family is moving to the New World,all Puritans and none of those witches."Eliza rolled her eyes again."Come 's go,before Ella find us and hexes us."

Charity laughed then,and they started walking again."I suppose you're right Ellie,and even if you're wrong,good to be optimistic and assume you won't be cursed by some kind of vampire."

"What's Ella got to do with a vampire?"
"Oh,you know..."started Mercy Carter.
"Theys gots all kinds of black magics,and sose do the vampires I have just get some vampire,and the witches gose a-shoutin' the black magic,and POOF!The vampires under her control,and the witch use them if they don't want to bothor with a hex or sumtin."
"That's perfectly ridiculous!"
"No it ain't!"
"Yes,"piped in Taylor Jhonson,"T'ain't natural for some woman who ain't a healer to have an herb for potions I warn't."

Eliza laughed at these silly superstitions,then they all started to talk of other things until they reached Charity's girls clambered up the rickity old steps to Charity's bedroom,and flopped about, ,it was the sabbath,so none of them had any chores until Monday,although it was rather boring not being able to run or sew or anything of the they could talk.

After a few hours,Charity's mother came up to her room and told them sternly that it was getting dark and they should go home for rest of the girls filed under the house,and they all reached there houses.

Finnally,only Eliza was walked by herself in the dark moonlight,shivering in the 's words about vampires flitted through her mind as she walked walked through the the other side was her trudged through the familiar path,then favorite oak-tree,a landmark to know which way to go to her house,was a second Eliza was confused,but realized that the Jones had recently had a baby and had had to build a crib for must have cut down the oak for it's relaxed, knew the place well enough to go through-right?

One hour later,it was apperant she did bubbled and churned through Eliza like a wave,and the only thing that kept her from running around screaming for help was the fact that it was Sunday,which was just as well because she probably would have become more panic-stricken that that rule was good for something.

Eliza walked on and on,sweat collecting on her brow.A twig snapped,and her heart jumped out of her spinned around and found her self face-to-face with a man.

He was a young man,around around 20,a few years older then Eliza had dark,black her and coal black mans skin wa frighteningly pale in the moonlight,and a he smiled at Eliza broadly,although he kept his teeth hidden."Lost?"asked the man,not in a mean nodded."You're the Hamiltion girl,right?"he nodded again.

"I saw you on the way home,infront of Ella's place.I live right across this forest,just moved,around a mile from your house I believe.I think I could show you the way,if you want."Eliza gasped in relief.
"Oh,that would be great,um...?"
"Enmaracu, 's Arabic."
"Oh,I thought Arabs were supposed to be..."
"Brown?You're my mother was pure English."
" me help you,"Enmaracu took Eliza's arm and they started walking towards what seemed like hours,they came to a halt,at the edge of the forest.

"Oh,Enmaracu,thank you!Thank you thank you thank!I could kiss you!"yelled Eliza in delight."Or really?"asked Enmaracu."What a coincidence."Eliza blinked."What-"He started,but Enmaracu shushed leaned down,smiling widely revieling sharp it be...fangs?For a second Ella thought he was going to kiss truth turned out to be crazier.

Enmarcu bent down,and bit Eliza on the gasped in surprise."Wha-wha-oh my goodness!I'm bleeding!En-En-stop-En..."Eliza tried to gasp out,but Enmarcu pushed her against a tree and contiued biting her of red blood spilled out,and with horror Eliza realized that Enmarcu was drinking the blood,lapping it up like a thirsty he drank,his skin got lighter and hers paler.

"You shouldn't make fun of Ella,you ,she's a really nice person."
"Noooooo!"screamed Eliza.

The next day,Eliza Hamilton was found dead in front of the Jakanu Forest,with a neck ,she had been stabbed in the neck two times,"almost like teeth marks...",as the sheriff was unknown,and the parents were forced to move to Massachusets without her.