It may seem very difficult,

For all you know the things could be an occult.

But then again,

What would life be like without trust.

Avoiding everyone would be absolutely insane,

We wouldn't want to be always lonely, it just isn't just.

It's not easy to be alone with no one,

You'd get used to being without human contact.

When people come there would be no where to run,

It'd be just better with you conscience in tact.

Being with people is fulfilling.

Things can be so fab that you'll want to start singing!

::I hope you're not simple it's what I think.I personally like being around people and feel sympathetic to those who need someone to talk to them.I tink that the fact that it's simple makes it... to understand!:: don't be offended please:: -"not simply !" (no I'm not insane)