How does it feel, America,

to have your voice stolen from you?

People who have not known you

or your fathers

are stealing your words

and steering you in a whole new direction.

America, America,

God shed thy grace on thee

George Washington is appalled.

What happened to his virgin country,

conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition

that all men are created equal?

What's happened to you, America?

What happened to the land

by the people, for the people?

You haven't been looking too well lately.

Strange men in fancy suits and wingtips appear on television

every night and tell us that this is America

but it sure don't seem like it.

Life's now weighed like meat at a butcher shop;

Silly me, I thought Jesus saved all and not just White Christians.

Why are you silent America?

Don't you see,

They've hijacked you?

Rise up, America

And hear the Charlatans in the street

who beat drums and wave flags to show their patriotism.

Or could it be you never existed at all.