I am standing at the gate of paradise
But everything I've done does not suffice
Your hands cast down a powerful spell
Evicts me from heaven, and into deep hell
I leaned in to kiss, but you back away
My body is long gone, here my heart stays
My sacrifices, time, and tears fail to move
Seems that words cannot my faithful love prove
Life has shut its doors on me, a dreary chill
Sends shivers down my spine, without mercy kill
Everything: blood I have shed for her, endless
Thoughts that defeats me, back into joyless
Cold, fires of hell at the exact same instant
Sorrow that makes me cry like a newborn infant
The ground beneath me is fertile, irrigated by
The unending tears that has fallen from my eye
I am standing at the gate of paradise
The place where she gives me my demise
03-22-2003- The day I died
With love, kisses, but bleeding inside