like gingerbread

A doll lies in the doll graveyard, under the veranda.

She is perfect, whole, except her shattered head.

She is at the top

of a heap

of broken dolls in the dark,

in the dark and the dirt.

click- snap-hurt.


The other dolls were easy to break.

Plastic, china, cloth,

ripped petticoats, lost shoes and bonnets-

the trappings of weakness.

Painted china faces fixed in demure smiles,

cherry-red lips and wide blue eyes,

but the heads have lost their bodies,

they are rolling around like broken teeth in a gape-mouthed, grinning skull.

rip- crack - crunch.


In the damp dark of the doll graveyard

They are still, still.

Missing arms and legs, bodies snapped in half,

crushed, melted, torn.

But decay won't touch them yet,

to soften the sharp edges of destruction.

The other dolls were easy to break,

and it was easier every time.

hiss - tap - fuck.


At the top of the pile she is perfect,

except for her shattered head.

"Traitors," whispers the black hole that is her face

to the broken dolls beneath her.

"Traitors," she screams.

(these last, dark dreams)

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