It takes 200 years to build Notre Dame. Builders work on it in term of Generations. Grandfather worked on it, then father, then son, then grandson all work on building the cathedral. What a project!

Religious Place I
Notre Dame, the Monument of History and Inspiration
by Princess Mulan

200 years work,
builders who started to build it
never see the end.

Builders who finish,
can't imagine how it starts,
it is just too grand.

Builders in middle,
keep wonder when did it start
and when will it end.

Church of Notre Dame,
fills with beauty and glory
a triumph of art.
Arches and facades.
twin towers that touch the sky.
very magical.

Statues and gargoyles,
ornaments and stain glasses,
a Gothic marvels.

Holds many histories,
the place where Heraclius
calls for his crusade.

It's also the place
of heroine Joan of Arc's

Right in Notre Dame,
Napoleon seizes pontiff's crown
and made himself King.

The grand Cathedral,
inspire many grand writers.
Their work notable.

Poor Quasimodo,*
Rose of Paris, Gargoyles' dream,
All Notre Dame's tale.

Treasure chest of art,
home of history, muse of tales.
The great Notre Dame.

* Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Hope you like this Haiku! I started writing about Michel Angelo painting Sistine Chapel but somehow end up with Notre Dame instead. O_o My muse like to play trick on me.